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Smarter Stand hits Kickstarter, a kickstand and ear bud untangling solution for iPhone

Smarter Stand hits Kickstarter, a kickstand and ear bud untangling solution for iPhoneThe Smarter Stand has arrived on Kickstarter and it looks like a great solution for anyone who suffers from the annoying problem of constantly tangled ear buds or the need to prop your device up at an angle to use it hands free or in a more comfortable way. Yes the Smarter Stand offers a solution to both of these problems and is looking for help on Kickstarter.

Ever tried to prop-up your iPhone to watch a video, read email, do a video call, follow a recipe? It never stays up! And let's face it: the iPhone kickstand options out there are clunky at best. The Smarter Stand is the first iPhone / iPod touch kickstand that can be used with or without a case AND also keeps your earbuds tangle free.

How much time do you spend every day fighting with tangled-up earbuds? Life's too short! You just casually roll-up your earbud cord around the Smarter Stand, tuck the buds in and you're done! It won't come undone even if it's tossed around in your pocket or handbag all day.

The Smarter Stand clicks into the iPhone’s 3.5mm headset jack and uses it as an anchor point. It can then offer an angled stand for your device which makes it much easier to use than flat on a table. Because of the way it works, it can be used with any iPhone or iPod touch, with or without a case.

If you like the look of the Smarter Stand for iPhone or iPod touch you can back it over at Kickstarter. Pledges starting from just $9 will get you one when or if they make production. The Smarter Stand for iPhone has already blasted through its pledge goal of $15,000 and currently sits at just over $18,000. The project still has 54 days to run so plenty of time if you would like to get involved.

What do you think of the Smarter Stand for iPhone? Could you see yourself using a product like this?

Source: Kickstarter

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Smarter Stand hits Kickstarter, a kickstand and ear bud untangling solution for iPhone

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An interesting bit: It's only mentioned in the very end of the article that other than the Earpods, earphones might not work with the design of the stand.