Pebble Steel gets reviewed: Fashion finally meets function!

The Pebble Steel starts shipping today but if you want to find out everything you need to know about the stylish new update right now, Adam Zeis has a complete Pebble Steel review ready and waiting for you. He shares his conclusion on Smartwatch Fans:

I never had a problem wearing my Pebble to weddings or out on the town, but I do get that some people really want a more fashionable look from a watch. If looks matter and you simply have to have the Pebble Steel — go for it.

Of particular note to current Pebble owners is a look at the Pebble App Store on the iPhone. Check out the video, read the review, and then hurry back here and let us know — will you be getting a Pebble Steel?

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Pebble Steel gets reviewed: Fashion finally meets function!


I just bought 3 regular Pebble's over the holidays for my family. They all like them a lot. I'll probably pick up a Pebble Steel soon as well.

Is it fair to say we're in the Palm Tungsten age now? :)

i also have the original pebble!!! love it a lot! i have to say that new pebble steel is looking' pretty swag though! i will probably break down i buy one soon as well! its all about da look!

I just haven't seen the benefit of the Peeble watch. I guess it's for the tech and the geeks. But haven't heard many people talking about the need for this watch. But I'm glad to see the tech community embracing this product. Just not compelling to me.

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It to tell you to answer your phone.
And don't try to tell me different.

I saw that commercial for the samysong watch.

The guy is wearing the watch he is holding his phone in his hand, and the watch notifies him he has an incoming call and the phone rings.

Too much disposable cash I suppose?

Cleaver marketing. What a fail.

I really like the Black Matte Pebble Steel's look. It definitely has more of a sleek "high-end" look.

The addition of Gorilla Glass is appealing to me from a durability standpoint. When I wear my iPod nano on my wrist it feels extremely vulnerable to scratches.

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The biggest problem with the Pebble is that you can only get the full text of e-mails from the 1st gmail account on your phone. Everything else just gets notifications. It should be possible to get the full text from the accounts of your choice. I haven't found a 3rd party app yet that passes the full text to my watch yet.

The Steel looks a lot better than the original, but what I'd like to see improve is Pebble's customer service. Apparently, judging from a LOT of unhappy posts on their forums and on Facebook, I'm not the only one experiencing a nightmare with a lack of response from their customer service (can't get a response from them thru email, on their forums or on Facebook for the last five weeks -- and they owe me a $300 refund from watches that were returned). SHADY.

I liked the original Pebble but I sold it and got a Galaxy Gear. I prefer the Gear right now. I was hoping the new Pebble would be sleeker. It's pretty blocky.

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I told the wife (repeatedly) that this is on the top of my birthday wish list. :)

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I like my Pebble. I use to be a hater and think why would I need notifications on my wrist but I found for those moments when you are in a meeting and you can't pick up your phone to see the notification the Pebble is great for that or if you are in a loud place and you can't feel your phone vibrate or sound the Pebble is great for that too. Functionally it is limited but of course I'm not expecting these first generation products to do what my iPhone can do so for what it is its pretty good.

I bought one last week and like it a lot (original Pebble). Notifications on my wrist so I don't have to pull the phone out to check it.... And I use a face that has the weather on it at a glance.

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