Snapseed goes free, adds Retrolux, integrates Google+

Snapseed goes free, adds new Retrolux, integrates Google+

Snapseed, one of the best bits of photo editing software on the iPhone and iPad, has gone free-as-in-Google today, and as some modicum of recompense, added Google+ to its mix. Snapseed had gone free for short periods of time in the past, before the Google purchase, but this time there's no going back. And, if free isn't enough, they've also added a new, Retrolux filter:

Use one of the newly created film styles, combined with a range of different scratches and textures as well as light leaks to create a truly retro look for your photos.

And updated the Frame filter:

Now includes a wide range of new, high quality photographic frames. Colorize the frame edges to match the look of your image or switch to square mode with a single tap.

Google bought Snapseed developer Nik Software back in September, and at the time both Nik and Google saw it as a way to provide better photography tools to a wider range of people.

Online photos is a huge part of social networking, and an area Facebook increasingly dominates, especially after their Instagram purchase. Google, smartly, knows if they want to capture attention and migrate social towards Google+, they have to provide a compelling platform for users, and that includes photos.

Making Snapseed free, and launching it on Android, which was also announced today, is just one more piece to that social puzzle.

Anyone been avoiding Snapseed before based on price, and planning to get it now that it's price-less?

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Snapseed goes free, adds Retrolux, integrates Google+


I use Snapseed a LOT. Usually my go-to app if I need to make any photo corrections. For me the selective adjustments are what puts it head and shoulders above any other apps, and the intuitive controls just make it that much easier to perform complex actions quickly.