Sneak peek at Mega Jump Retina update for iPhone and iPad

At the Ottawa International Game Conference I got a chance to check out an upcoming update to the classic endless jumper, Mega Jump. The only real additions here are Retina display support and an iPad version of the game, but they're long overdue. Production Manager Andy Smith gave a great, frank talk prior to the demo on a lot of the lessons they've learned, including update cycles (do it often), the how to do freemium right, and how a brand can last as many years as Mega Jump.

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Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.

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Sneak peek at Mega Jump Retina update for iPhone and iPad


about friggin time, i used to love this game on my 2nd gen ipod. went to android and it lagged like nobodys buisness. Got my iphone 5 for christmas and saw it was letterboxed and just deleted it. So glad to finally see this classic game get caught up with others. keep it up guys!!!