Super Nintendo running on a jailbroken iPad via snes4iPhone!

snes4iPhone, the Super Nintendo emulator for Jailbreak, was captured running on an iPad -- using a Wii remote to control your character.  Most people familiar to jailbreaking and running snes4iPhone already know how awesome it is to be able to carry your old favorites around on your iPhone.  Who doesn't love Mario and old school Nintendo games? Better yet, who wouldn't want it on their iPad?! Being able to do it on your iPad is even more awesome!  Of course, this is only for jailbroken users.

So if you're interested in jailbreaking, jump over to our jailbreak forums or check out our new Spirit tutorial to get your jailbreak up and running.  Spirit currently works with any iPhone or iPod touch running 3.1.3 and any iPad running 3.2.  Even if you don't have an iPad, sns4iPhone [$5.99 - Cydia link] is still a great buy for the iPhone as well.

And the normal disclaimer, if the thought of the jailbreak process frightens you, you may want to pass on this one.  Video after the break!

YouTube link

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Super Nintendo running on a jailbroken iPad via snes4iPhone!


that looks awesome. i've been jailbreaking for a while and what turned me off on putting emulators on my phone and some games in general was the lack of buttons on the phone. with that said though the use of the wii control is new to me and it looks kind of makes me want to get and ipad now

Ironic that I posted this in your very own forum far before it was on touch arcade or gizmodo, and it got now views, and now you guys have it in your blog.

Wow, absolutely amazing! I might jailbreak my ipad now even after being against it all the time.
Are there any plans for n64, psx or dreamcast emulators. I think that would send me to heaven!

I read in the forum that this emulator runs beautifully on an iPad but poorly on iPhones and iPods. It may not be worth spending money on this app if you're only gonna use it on an iPod.