So, what new tech did you get for the holidays?

So, what new tech did you get for the holidays?

Did Santa leave you some great new Apple gifts under the tree? Were there 8 days of tech for you earlier this year? Did you simply get caught up in - or reap the benefits of - the holiday sales? Yes, there are far more important things in the world, and there are all sorts of arguments against our increasingly materialistic culture, but we're a technology blog and an Apple-centric one at that, so we have but one focus, and one question for you today...

What gear to you give, and what gear to you receive these holidays?

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So, what new tech did you get for the holidays?


My family has given up on giving me tech, so I awoke to some beautiful new bedding and quite a bit of marzipan.

My sister and my mom got iPhones earlier in the year, my mom and dad are getting AeroPresses, my sister a Pebble, and my brother cash, because, teenager.

Happy holidays, iMore nation!

No tech for me, because, pointless ;-) Also leads to better gifts! Some great (nerdy) tshirts and a Lightsaber top the list ;-)

Oh, and tickets to see The Lion King. Because it's awesome!

Happy holidays everyone!

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I received a 2012 MacBook Pro 13" - looking to protect it with a fresh looking Speck Satin case in black.

Seasons greetings!

Only tech gift (as I am usually in a rush and buy the stuff I want/need on my own) I received this holiday was a Bose Soundlink Mini. Awesome little BT speaker. My wife gets my older JBL Flip. :)

An excellent little speaker! I've used my wife's for months & have been very impressed with its sound fidelity.

My wife & kids surprised me with a pair of UE Boom speakers. I certainly am the most difficult to buy for since I handle all of my family's tech purchases but this was quite a little treat. I took them to my business just to test them out and they produced absolutely amazing room filling sound in true stereo. The bass was a little lacking compared to the Bose Soundlink Mini but I'll not complain. I now have a fantastic way to play all my of my iTunes from my iPhone, iPad Mini, or MacBook Air without all the wires or taking up lots of space.

I did my research on those as well and the UE's came a close second. It was hard to pass up the Bose's fidelity especially on the low end. I did like some of the app features that the UE offered like sound volume sync and the ability to pair speakers together for a stereo experience. But overall I couldn't pass up the Bose both on the sound quality and the quality (brushed metal) of the speaker itself.

I agree totally. It's why I kept taking my wife's to my work & depriving her & her fellow nurses in our local ER hers to listen to :)

I was thinking I'd pick up one myself after the holidays if they were discounted but I'm not disappointed in these little tubular speakers they surprised me with. It's a god time to be a tech geek. Merry Christmas!

Like many, no real tech for me (I just buy what/when I need/want and no one would know what to get me).

But did get a Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 battery case. Have a few trips this year where I will be away from power for extended times, so perfect time for one.

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Apple TV and some iTunes gift vouchers. Now to find some content worth buying - some of the iTunes movies are a rip off!

Got a iPad mini 2 last night and the thing is amazing--Apple really nailed it! Feels wonderful to hold and I'm looking forward to having it with me for work as I travel around the cities each day. Now I just have to decide if I get a smart cover or a smart case....hmmmmm.....will hit the Apple Store tomorrow.

So who gave it to me? Santa, of course! ;-)

Unlike their iPads and other tech devices, Apple's smart cases/covers aren't worth their price tag in the least. Hit up a different store for better quality and a third of the price!

The smart cases & covers do require some user 'maintenance' in the form of careful & patient cleaning or they get incredibly grungy. Now some prefer this aged look while others like myself do not. It's not a deal breaker if you do it right.

I personally like Apple's covers & cases & have adjusted to the routine of care involved in using them. To each their own but it wouldn't hurt to take pnayo92's advice if this type of micromanagement of an accessory isn't your thing.

I think pnayo92 is not talking about the "maintenance" they requiere but more about the functionality. The apple cases/covers are nice, very thin, lightweight, they have the sleep/wake function and also they are made of a nice material, but it only allows what? like 3 angles and all in landscape position compared to others that allows 3 or 5 angles in portrait AND landscape mode, have more durability and requiere less "maintenance" for the same or even less $. And like you said: "to each their own", so thank goodness we have a ton of options to choose from.

No tech since they already know I have it all lol Got money, gift cards, new coffee travel mugs, and other awesome things I always forget to buy myself. :)

Happy holidays iMore readers!

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No tech for me this year' Bought myself a silver 5S in November, and a Philips Lightning speaker dock just before Christmas.
The best gift I got was tickets to see Peter Gabriel in May, and a box set of Big Bang Theory - excellent for a nerd like me.
Happy holidays to everyone, writers, as well as fellow readers!

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Nope no tech here either, but a delayed gift which shall be my birthday gift official Neal Peart beanie, win.

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Got a Pebble this year. (Prob the only piece of tech I don't own). Loving it. Also got some bits and bobs of various tech and a nice leather messenger bag to carry it all in. Tech related - Apple cufflinks.

I got my ipad air on launch day for Christmas from the wife, couldn't wait that long. Also got a 5s 2 weeks ago. Also got a nice set of Bose speakers for my MacBook Pro and a gaming cooling pad as well. Very good Christmas this year!

I got new slippers, two new pairs of Boston Bruins-logoed PJ bottoms, some homemade Star Trek boxers and a bottle opener that looks like a key (so it lies flat on a keyring).

Happy holidays, folks!

The next best thing to new tech for me - iTunes give cards... Rocking the FFDP for this festive occasion.

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I received a nice apple leather case for my iPad and iPhone. Nice leather and case fit very well.

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Only tech under the tree was a Harmony Ultimate, which so far seems a vast improvement over previous models. Time will tell...

I got a pair of Panasonic in-ear buds, a black Apple T-shirt, and a 27" monitor to replace my old 20" one as my primary screen. I also got a new computer desk, to fit my 27" monitor and the old 20" one.

Mmmmmmm.... marzipan....

I got a 21.5" / quad 2.7GHz i5 / 16GB / 1TB Fusion iMac!
(Well OK, it was a combination birthday + xmas gift.)
Vastly faster and better than my trusty old mid-2007 iMac.

MacBook Pro 13" with Retina under the tree:). I got the IPad Air back in November:). My transition to Apple from Windows is complete!

I was given the gift of Hue. When it got dark I made a scene called 'Iron Man' and watched the Hulk/Iron Man team-up.

I got the 2008 Apple Bluetooth headset, A droid 4, and Xperia Play (Don't Judge), and 3 shirts, one with WWDC 2009 with Applications spelling it, one with MacBoy, and one with "Siri, is it warm enough to wear a T-Shirt today?". Ooo, and Pokemon X

No silly, the 2 android phones. But I chose the Xperia Play, cause its basically a PSP as a phone

I asked for iTunes gift cards because I just got an 11.6" MacBook Air, and want to learn to program for iOS. I ended up getting $140, enough for the iBooks I wanted and a bunch of music and apps.

Got an iTunes gift card from buddy of mine, the wireless Nexus charger and a copy of CoD Ghosts for PS3 from my sister in-law, and a retina iPad mini from my wife :)

Got my dad a new 13" Macbook Air and he loves it. Thought I'd take a moment to thank you good folks at iMore for all the hard work you do throughout the year - means a lot. And I just turned my dad on to your site, too! Hope everyone at your staff had a great Christmas.

Just Some Gamer Shirts and well tomorrow I'm going to buy some stuff with the money received so, yeah... No tech at all, Sadly...

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I got Bluetooth connected gloves that I can answer the phone from and gave my wife the retro rotary phone earpiece that plugs into her iPhone. I hardly ever get tech gifts because I always buy them myself if they are affordable. The best tech gift was from myself a G4 Mac for $40. This was the first computer I ever fell in love with the design and not the power inside. I have always wanted to own one and now I do.

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This year I received a surface pro 2 with backlit keyboard. Samsung tab10.1, HTC one. And added a moto x to the mix. Pretty impressed with all of them.

I bought my wife a yellow iPhone 5c & pink case. I've already bought myself an iPhone 5s & retina iPad mini also an ipad air for family use around the house so on my list was a 3m Lightning cable, 12w Mains plug adapter & a leather smart case/cover (whichever protects the front & back) for my iPad mini which thankfully I got. I'm toying with possibly buying a Mophie Power station XL even though I'm not happy with the juicepack air case I got for my 5s. I get about 50% battery back tops rather than the advertised 100%. I didn't have these problems when I had a Helium on my iphone 5.

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My sister gave me some money. Then I gave some to my nephews and nieces.
Bought myself a few apps for my iPod Touch. That's it.

No tech as I buy my own once it is released. But all of my relatives from 10-18 received an apple product. Mostly iPhones, a few iPads both mini and air. A few iPod touches and one 5s which I gave to my cousin who's in college.

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I got the iPhone 5S in gold, P90X3, and a pull up assist. For myself I think I will take advantage of some the reduced prices on movies on iTunes and possibly VUDU. VUDU has 3D movies.

Does anyone from iMore or the iMore community know why iTunes doesn't offer the 3D versions of movies? Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

On the receiving side, my father-in-law gave me a 32 GB Space Gray iPad mini cellular and the black Smart Case for it. The size and speed are awesome. So far, I love it!

On the giving side, I gave my wife a used 16 GB black iPhone 4S that I bought off of eBay. The home button was missing, so I bought the parts to fix it and repaired it myself. I gave it to her a bit early, and she loves having an iPhone again!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year iMore!

I got metwo early christmas presents a airplay printer and an gold iphone 5s. From the family I got the new moga iphone controller. It works better than what the reviews are. I love it. A new nas hd. My files are on a cloud. Wemo motion/ switch. When I enter my room. It turns on my lamp.

I didn't get any tech for Christmas. I got an iPad Air in November which was basically an early gift to myself from myself.

Still a pretty fantastic Christmas.

I got a Bison Made iPhone wallet/case ( ), Bose headphones, and a 6 month subscription to

No new tech this xmas but recently i got a pebble powerbank 13000mah for my iphone 5.

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I received an iPad Mini with Retina Screen and also got engaged. Love them both....

I gave all the couples in my family AppleTV's.

I got a Bluetooth speaker that works great for my new iPhone 5s 32gb which has all my songs, and my iPad 4.

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Dad gifted an Ipad Mini, and my auntie gifted me a Galaxy S4....needless to say, very good Christmas...

No tech from others cause I am the guy for the tech things...
I brought myself my Christmas present 1 month ago, an Cellular 64Gb Silver Air and already loved it.

I got a 24" Dell 4K monitor (UP2414Q) it is an amazing piece of tech and couldn't have asked for a better gift.

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Getting an iPad mini was easy and loving its agility. Then 400 compilation errors came during migration to Xcode 5.0.2 from version 4, which took 2 days to resolve. Now stress-testing is on furiously before shipping it to someone as New Year present.

27" iMac, 3.4 GHz i5, 16 GB ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 780m 4GB and a 3TB fusion drive! I'm excited! It replaces an off the shelf summer 2010 27" iMac. I'm not a huge techie, so I hope I didn't make a mistake in not upgrading to the i7.

So, Christmas Eve day, my sister-in-law posted on Facebook "should she get an iPad". I commented with "we'll talk", meaning I'll talk to her about which model will suit her best, etc. Other folks were saying what they like and what they want her to get but they weren't finding out what she wants to do with it or what she wants to spend. I think it's important to ask the person a few questions to tailor my response around their needs.

That being said, I ended up selling her my iPad, the first one with Retina (The New iPad) 64GB. I threw in a keyboard case, the Apple smart cover, another leather case I had for it, and all the tech support she needs. I pretty much gave all that stuff to her for half of what I paid for the iPad alone when I bought it. Pretty good deal I thought.

So now I have an iPad Air (64GB Space Grey to compliment my iPhone 5s) and just ordered a Zagg Folio case for it. That's my new tech this Christmas.

I buy myself a Xmas tech gift every year. My annual contribution to Apple Inc. bottom line this year was the new iPad Mini w/Retina display 64GB/wifi/cellular & I love it.

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I received a JBL Flip speaker. I gave both my nephews an iPad mini 16gb w/ Spongebob cases included.

Gave my dad a bluetooth speaker for his 5th gen iPod Touch bc it doesnt work with all our 30 pin connecters.
Got a Nikon Lumix digital camera!

I got a MacBook Pro 2.3 Ghz Retina 15" display from my wife and son! In turn my son got my 2011 MacBook Pro 13". Can't get over how quick my new MacBook is!

I got a new amazon basics lightning cable, all my apple ones are falling apart. I ordered 2 more last night, one in my car stopped working.

I got my wife an iPhone 5s 16g and picked up a Bose SoundLink Mini for moi.

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