Some Apple Stores now allowing walk-in purchasing of iPad mini with Retina display

Some Apple Stores now allowing walk-in purchasing of iPad mini with Retina display

It appears that Apple is now allowing walk-in customers purchase the iPad mini with Retina display. Since last week's odd soft launch, customers could only get a new iPad mini in an Apple Store if they ordered it online and then opted for Personal Pickup due to supply constraints. But at least some Apple Retail locations are now selling the iPad mini with Retina display to walk-in customers, according to MacRumors:

The launch of walk-in sales was noted this morning in a research note from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, who indicated that a number of New York City stores received shipments designated for walk-in customers last night and this morning. MacRumors has confirmed that walk-in sales are now being offered in some stores, although one store contacted by MacRumors reported that it was still offering only Personal Pickup options.

The supply constraints are still limiting the number of models available for in-store pickup, and thus walk-in buyers as well. Online orders currently list shipping estimates of 5-10 business days.

Have you been able to walk into an Apple Store and buy an iPad mini with Retina display? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: MacRumors

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Retina iPad mini
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Reader comments

Some Apple Stores now allowing walk-in purchasing of iPad mini with Retina display


Well it is about time that they got to this point. It has been a really strange launch to say the least.

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Why would you even comment something like that. Who cares what profile picture someone chooses for their avatar. Sometimes people need to keep their comments to theirselves.

I still have to wonder if Apple is limiting supply just to drive up initial demand. I understand there are difficulties in development and production, but this is Apple... Smart enough to be able to anticipate these kinds of things and adjust for it. Or do I give them too much credit?

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I was able at the Michigan Ave Chicago. On a whim I went in trying to get a 16 gb mini retina on Att. The App Store app said they were all sold out at every Apple store near me but…low and behold I now sport the mini retina I was trying to get.

I ordered from the Apple store app, the minuet they went live. A 64G Retina LTE. It was due to be delivered 11/26-12/04. I got it 11/21. I still think they were able to up the production. I was not expecting any 64G LTE until December.

I actually like the in-store pick up. It's more efficient and you know the product that you order is available

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I think the one in my area of Montreal is doing that too. The website where you'd normally reserve the iPad directs me to the retail store's site instead of a reservation opportunity. Sweet!

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Good to see that the supply for the retina iPad Mini is slowly catching up to the demand. I'm also waiting for any news which of the 2 new iPad have sold more during its first week. I'll put my money on Air seeing how low the supply has been for the Mini (or was it because the demand is just too high).

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At this point, I would be happy any way I could get my hands on a iPad. (Owner of a bricked Toshiba Thrive) :-(

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I was going to pop into the Grand Central store on 12/6 with our old Verizon mini and get the wife a new one on our 25th anniversary renewal of our honeymoon. Have them do the transfer for her right there. Now it looks like its not going to happen,