Sonos enhances Spotify connections and more in new update

Sonos enhances Spotify connections and more in new updat

Sonos is already one of the most flexible music systems available, and with the latest 4.1 update to its controller software for iOS, OS X, Android and Windows, it's gotten even better.

Improvements include the ability to create playlists without using the queue - all you have to do is choose a track from any available source and add to your Sonos Playlist. You can edit playlists easier, too.

If you have a Spotify account, Sonos has some improvements there, too - you can create and edit Spotify playlists, and access and play music from Spotify playlist folders using your Sonos controller. You can also use Facebook or Spotify account credentials to link Spotify to Sonos.

New alarm options have been added and Sonos has improved component update speeds.

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Sonos enhances Spotify connections and more in new update


Great things about Sonos:

1. The sound - fantastic, especially the Play 5s.

2. Alarms. I set it to turn on various radios at different times of the day around the house. For example, bedroom - wake-up with a Spotify playlist for 10 minutes, followed by NPR, BBC, and CBC news for 5 minutes each, followed by the most recent full Newshour or Radio National news program. Then, classical music throughout the day in the living room, until news around dinner time followed by various jazz playlists after dinner. All automatic, and customisable by day of the week with any iOS device in the house.

3. Integration with Tunein (radio stations), Stitcher (podcasts), Spotify (music) and to some degree, (audiobooks).

If you love audio, get a Sonos system. You might, however, find yourself finding reasons to get more of them!