Sonos shows off their hot new Controller app

Sonos announced several weeks back that they were going to have a new version of their Controller app coming, and though they've had users beta testing it for a while, today we're getting our first glimpse at how it looks. And it looks good.

The app brings the features we know and love about Sonos, just better looking and more smartly organized. Album art is surfaced across the app, as is discovery of new music from across the web. Most importantly, Sonos will have universal search across your libraries and streaming services.

We still don't have a time frame more specific than this spring for when the app will be available, but we're looking forward to it nonetheless.

Sonos users, what do you think? Is this updated Controller app looking like everything you've dreamed it would be?

Source: Sonos

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Reader comments

Sonos shows off their hot new Controller app


Been using it for weeks now on Android. You want it more than you think. Great app update!

Journalism 101 says to start off an article about "Sonos" by describing what "Sonos" is, and what it does.

I was sure you were talking about Sonos the automation company, but it turns out you are talking about music or something. You might be a professional ranter, but you are not a professional writer.

"Sonos" + "Controller App" make the title clear as can be. In my world, Sonos the automation company is the minority (which I've never heard of).

If someone said Cisco + wireless , I would not have assumed Cisco food distribution. Use some deduction Watson. Cisco + burritos would have hinted me to the other.

I guess that make you a professional ranter and not professional critic.

Looks like the Spotification (at least the latest version of their app) of Sonos, nice. One feature I've looked for (but I suspect won't get) is to be able to work on music/radio alarms remotely, without VPNing back to a computer at home. Also, a "The Economist" audio app. Not huge deals, but nice if possible.

A long time coming, but extremely exciting. Sonos' software has been the opposite of it's hardware (beautiful) and streaming (fantastic). This should make the perfect trifecta.