Sony aims to reinvigorate digital album sales with 'Album of the Day'


As streaming music services gain precedence over digital downloads, Sony is seeking to reverse the trend with its "Album of the Day" app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Through the app, Sony will be offering a discount of up to 70 percent on a new album every day.

Users will be able to purchase the album on iTunes, with the app highlighting the standard[ price, the discounted price and the time left to claim the deal. The app comes with additional information about the albums, as well as the ability to share the deal via Twitter, email or SMS. Also included is a preview mode for songs and push notifications that alert you to the most recent promotion.

At launch, Sony is offering albums by big name artists including Aerosmith, Audioslave, Santana, Simon & Garfunkel,, Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Kings of Leon, P!nk, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, The Script, Usher, Meat Loaf, Rodriguez, Sade, and Alicia Keys. The service was developed by Sony Music Germany and was available in the country since March, and is now making its way to the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

What is your preferred method of listening to music? Would you be willing to buy digital albums via Sony's promotion? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Reader comments

Sony aims to reinvigorate digital album sales with 'Album of the Day'


That being said, not sure how many catalog titles I'll buy at $5.99 when I can get CDs of similar titles at flea markets for a buck or two.....

Who listens to albums anymore? Most people just buy singles so they can get the song they want. Who cares to listen to a bunch of album fillers.