Sony working on Music Unlimited apps for the iPhone and iPad

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Sony is bringing its Music Unlimited service to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch later this year. Music Unlimited is Sony’s subscription based streaming music service and will be available as an app for all iOS devices.

Sony’s decision to offer the service, touted as the Japanese company’s answer to Apple’s iTunes, on iOS devices speaks to Apple’s presence in the all-important smartphone and tablet markets as well as Sony’s willingness to do whatever it takes to expand the reach of its content services.The Music Unlimited service, along with Sony’s video and videogame offerings, functions as the glue holding together the links between the Japanese conglomerate’s entertainment businesses and electronics products.

Sony’s Music Unlimited service already has over one million active subscribers although that figure also includes users on free trials. Subscribers pay $3.99 to be able to stream music from their own library or $9.99 to access 15 million songs in Sony’s library. The iPhone and iPad apps are expected to be available in the first quarter of this year; so basically before the end of March.

Source: WSJ

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Sony working on Music Unlimited apps for the iPhone and iPad


Yeah, spotify + iTunes match is going to be pretty hard to beat. Anyone have any idea what would make Sony better than spotify?

im tiryng to jailbreak mine but i was using greenp0ise or w/e its called but everytime i tried putting it in the ufb mode or w/e its called it would just turn back on.. does it need to be turned off for this to work or no? please help me