Soulver-ing for design

Marc Edwards of Bjango and, of course, Iterate continues to share some of the most interesting articles on design process on the web. Today's case in point, using Soulver to help figure out grids, guides, and gutters for app layouts. From the Bjango blog:

There's nothing wrong with shuffling and resizing layers around until reaching the desired outcome, but I often get quicker results by breaking out a calculator. And for this kind of work, Soulver is my favourite, because of the way it handles constants and multiline equations (disclaimer: Acqualia have no affiliation with Bjango, I just like their app). It's a nice mid-point between a physical calculator (remember those?) and a spreadsheet, often trumping both for speed for designer-y calculations.

That's the great thing about apps, they can blur the lines between traditional, real-world objects like calculators and ledgers, and enable functionality that not only, in specific cases, is best-of-both-worlds. And they can also be used by people and for applications that are anything but traditional.

If you're a designer, or just interested in another approach to the electronic calculator, check out Soulver, and Marc's article.

Source: Bjango blog

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Soulver-ing for design