South Park iPhone App: Clips, Wallpapers, Episode database, and More


BoingBoing got an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming South Park App. The verdict: pretty darn cool, with some fun functionality for any South Park fanatic:

[...]the ability to stream clips, grab wallpapers for your device, read news, and browse the complete episode index. Also: choose character likenesses as "contact images" for your iPhone -- assign a face to the phone book entry of your choice.

It's not the full episodes available at, but it will mean you'll be able to look up the episode when Saddam first fell for Satan. Knowledge like that will serve you well, as people will have to, you know, Respect your South Park Authoritah!

[via giz]

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Reader comments

South Park iPhone App: Clips, Wallpapers, Episode database, and More


I like the idea of assigning characters to contacts - could be a lot of fun! Shame it will only show clips, then again, I've seen every episode at least 20 times. Wonder if it will include songs from the movie?

I wanted this app for the Simpsons! (anyone, anyone)
But considering the episodes are online, WHY NOT stream the episodes to the app on wifi? That would make this app worth $20 bucks (at least) if I could watch ANY southpark. Oh man.

It's about time! Been stuck with a crappy imaginationland game and no way to get my SP fix. There won't be streaming episodes because Apple sells them on the iTunes store. It would make no sense.

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