Space Gray iPad Air hands-on photo gallery

It's here! Since the UK is in the future, we've got our hands on our very own iPad Air in the fetching Space Gray color we're now so fond of. This is literally fresh out of the box, and we'll be back with a ton of content throughout the day, but we figured you might be interested in a few snapshots!

Apple has done a really fantastic job slimming down the form factor, and even from just a few moments with the iPad Air, it feels nicer to hold. Not so large, not so thick and not so heavy. The difference is noticeable, and I think a lot of you are going to be really happy with it! Keep on clicking for the photo gallery, and if you're still waiting in line somewhere drop into the comments and let me know what you're waiting to get!

iPad Air

iPad Air
Apple's full-sized iPad gets slimmed down. Features include:

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November, 2013

Retina iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad mini (original)

iPad Air 2 (iPad 6)
Fall, 2014

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Richard Devine

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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

Richard Devine says:

It really is, Apple has done a fantastic job with this

LMZR says:

I'll be getting one for school use next year, and they look pretty good!

mangoldm says:

Holding out for the iPad Pro this Spring.

sweetstyle says:

Your going to be disappointed...
Most users only have one pad, Apple will announce all pads at the same time from now on which will be next Autumn...

aerovtp says:

Just picked it up, 16gb with LTE from Best Buy, 7 Minutes in Line!!!

offdahglass says:

16gb??? Keep your receipt.

tracey cross says:

Never even come close to using my 16gb up. Had my ipad 2 for two years now and still 4gb on it.

tracey cross says:

I like that you got the 16gb too.

Lt_Solorna says:

Richard: Hop in your TARDIS and send it here!

sweetstyle says:

I'm a bit concerned the battery has a big decrease in power from the ipad 3 & 4 to the Air, the battery is probably right on the edge like so many other things I suppose. Apple have actually increased the battery size for the mini to the retina mini. Hopefully Apple have nailed this so we will just have to see...

ctt1wbw says:

Ooooo I hate you people with money!!

SJM88 says:

I have been caning mine (64GB silver wifi) all afternoon, 3d games, music production, video production, drawing and painting with full brightness - and I only managed to get it down to 22%. I think they've done a great job on optimisation.

The only downside is the ram - it did crash once, I think from overloading it. 2gb would have been more appropriate for a 64bit architecture. Oh well - my usage case is very marginal, and the processor flies, so it makes up for it! Artrage is actually usable again!

Still jerky animations in os7 though. Software updates ahoy!

Enjoy your iPads all :) nigty night from oz ;)

WhysoseriousMD says:

It's gorgeous!! Can't wait to have my very own :)

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Jaguarr40 says:

Still waiting for my VZW 5S Space gray 322 GB to be shipped by Apple to my local store and I will be getting the same thing in the iPad mini retina when released in late November.
Thank you for the article Richard.

byerspc says:

Bummed mine has a small defect or chip in it :-(

tracey cross says:

I only got 16gb. Still have 4gb left on my ipad 2 after two years of constant use. If I play a game I delete when finished. Only ever stream movies too. All my music is on my iphone so didnt feel the need to go up.