Space Gray iPad mini reportedly hitting store shelves now

Announced as the replacement for the black and slate iPad mini at Tuesday's event in San Francisco, the new Space Gray version is reportedly now going on sale in some Apple Retail Stores. The new color went on sale immediately after the event online, but has now a few days later reportedly started hitting physical shelves. From 9to5Mac:

Sources say that the model is now available via several Apple Stores, but not every store. Interested customers should call their store to ensure availability…

So, if you want one, it's worth a quick call first. Online sales are great, but some folks much prefer to see the color for themselves before dropping the cash. The original iPad mini has been reduced down to $299 and will be sold alongside the shiny new iPad mini with Retina Display. With the price cut and new color, anyone running out to grab one of these?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Space Gray iPad mini reportedly hitting store shelves now


@Divegeek I agree, man. That's what kept me away from the mini during the first go around. (i.e. not having Retina). I've wrestled with the Air or Mini decision right now Vs. waiting for "November?" But, I'm waiting. I had my mind set on the Mini all along

getting my daughter a refurbished ipad mini for $249. She is only 13, dont think she will notice the retina display difference and I get to keep $150

I think its on the Apple website. Go to iPad in the top product bar, then click shop iPad, the refurb center should be on the right. Boom, cheap iPads.

Retina was all I was waiting on to buy a Mini. I sold my 3rd gen iPad at the start of this year and put the money away for this moment. Then the iPhone 5s came out and that all changed. Then I got a newer MacBook Pro than I had been using. So although I would certainly love to finally get a Mini it wont be happening this year :( Oh well there is always next year, I'll start saving from now lol.