Space Gray iPhone 5s unboxing, hardware tour, macro close-up gallery!

Here's the Bobba Fett gray iPhone 5s and the Product (Red) leather case all unboxed and given a tour, including the new Touch ID and iSight camera. Below are some macro photos of the iPhone 5s and leather case as well, so you can see how it looks all up close and personal like.


Anthony is an IT administrator, retro gamer, and accessory reviewer for iMore.

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GOPphil81 says:

Why can't they say gun metal gray? For what political reasons are you talking about?

revtech says:

I like the gun-metal descriptor too, but guns are kind of a sensitive topic these days (strict gun control vs freedom to carry, etc)

GOPphil81 says:

That's crap, I am going to call it gun metal. There is nothing wrong with guns, I own a few and have a licens to carry.

SockRolid says:

But no, I'm exactly halfway through my AT&T contract.
Next year: bare, polished, Liquidmetal iPhone "6."

Timbo8000 says:

Dammit, I must have been or of the first in the UK to order one of these this morning and I've still got to wait ten days!

Timbo8000 says:

Got that wrong: nineteen days.

Gazoobee says:

"Gun metal grey" is a completely different colour grey than this. All those that think this is gun metal grey either just have guns on their mind, or are overly paranoid about political correctness.

Specifically, "gun metal" is a blue-grey, typically with a blue surface sheen. All guns originally made had this "blueing" because of the way they were made, thus "gun metal" as a colour is a *dark* grey with a blue sheen.

This is light matte grey and nothing like *any* raw metal at all really. If you see a gun the same colour as this phone, it's because the metal has been coloured and treated just like this phone. Most guns are simply the raw metal and are the colour of steel or "gun metal."

The phone is more properly considered an homage to NeXT if anything.

bmrdave says:

I have to agree with you on the color. The gunmetal color I'm familiar with is darker with more of a "patina" look to it, like a bluish pewter maybe.

ZanKuvy says:

Nice, but I guess I'm old fashioned and, if I get one, will be the white silver.

Emeroid says:

I was going to go Gold. Then it seems that it's in short supply and its apparet popularity makes it a negative point for me. I may actually get this one. It's more attractive than I first thought.

Burnaby says:

Who's "Bobba Fett"?
Is that Boba Fett's southern cousin?
No wait...that's Bubba Fett.
Pfft damn clone wars...

KCMike says:

His friends call him Bobby. They all hang out in their cardigans & drink brandy.