SPB TV now available for iPad

SPB Software has just announced that its popular TV viewing application is now available for the iPad. SPB TV was previously only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch but has just been updated to a universal binary. 

SPB TV gives you access to more than 150 subscription free TV channels, integrated TV guide, video on demand, adaptive bandwidth control and channels from 17 European countries.

It can be downloaded from the App Store for free anthere is also no monthly subscription fee. The application is ad-supported: an advertisement is shown while the stream is buffering and when a user opens a new channel.

[Free - iTunes Link]


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There are 8 comments. Add yours.

dloveprod says:

I'm gonna check this out, might have come in handy last night when my power when out. Netflix streams really nice over 3g.

dloveprod says:

Lol I'd rather sit in the dark bored than watch these channels.

JNGold says:

@Dionte Not exactly what I was thinking, but the sentiment was the same. Very funny. :)

bob says:

not blog post worthy if you ask me, the iphone app itself sucked big hairy balls - why mention the ipad version?

parabel says:

Yeah, no channels worth watching.

Janey says:

most of these are Free To Air stations. No porn. Lame. :/

LisaLisa says:

I'd rather watch the inside of my eyelids than watch anything on SPB TV. I know content is expensive but they should be ashamed.
They should slap themselves for putting that crap out there.