SPE Sync Cable for iPhone and iPad - accessory review

The SPE sync cable for iPhone and iPad is a perfect and affordable solution for the age old problem of never having enough cables handy when you need them. If you've ever experienced the frustration of getting to the office and finding your iPhone at only 50% battery life and realizing that you forgot your sync cable... well this accessory is for you.

At only $4.95, the SPE sync cable is nearly a quarter of the price of Apple's cable. So if you've been thinking it'd be nice to have an extra cable or two laying around, pick one of these up!

In comparison with Apple's cable, SPE's sync cable is the same length at 3 feet, 4 inches long. However, the dock connector end is bigger. This means that it may not work with all cases. If you use a case that is designed in such a way that Apple's sync cable barely fits, then the SPE cable will not work for you. Two cases that I have encountered that do not work with this cable is Apple's bumper case and Element's Vapor case. Another difference is that SPE's cable has two buttons you must squeeze in order to unplug it from your device. If you like a secure connection that won't come loose unintentionally, you'll like this. If you prefer the convenience of of quick and easy removal than this is mildly annoying, but acceptable.

Despite these inconveniences, the SPE sync cable for iPhone and iPad is an excellent choice for a back-up cable and for that the price is its biggest draw.

The SPE sync cable for iPhone and iPad is available from the TiPb iPhone + iPad accessory store.


  • Great cable for iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  • Affordable


  • Will not fit all cases
  • Must squeeze buttons to unplug

TiPb iPhone 4-star rated

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Reader comments

SPE Sync Cable for iPhone and iPad - accessory review


^^^ thats what i was thinking my 1st gen ipod video came with that same cord and i was actually using with my iphone 4 the other day and had to take off the bumper i then preceded to knock it off my table and crack the screen=(

I sometimes miss the "squeeze to release" cables of old since the new ones do come loose and don't charge or sync and I don't notice.

I 'em better too. Once in awhile you let it dangle and the squeeze to release keeps her in their. Not such a big deal for me when syncing but my nightly charger is one. I buyin' one anytime soon though; when you've had an iPod since '04 and an iPhone since '07, with plenty more added on the way, you tend to get a stockpile of these things...though you can never have too many of those stickers.

Ok so this is the older cable that preceded the "apple cable" you showed us. They are both made by apple. You guys at SPE probably just bought old stock of the old cables and are trying to sell them as new. There's nothing wrong with that, sometimes it would be nice to have another cheap cable lying around the house. But seriously, you could just be honest about it. You don't have to lie to us.

These cables will fit with a bumper with a few minutes of work.
Get a fingernail file and go to work on the long sides of the plug (you don't have to do the whole side, just the part near the metal part).
Works great.

The price is definitely the selling point for me. I am disappointed about the squeeze to release but I could get over it.
Great review.

I would not say the squeeze buttons unlock is a con. I was charging with my apple cable, and did not realize it had came out enough to disconnect it. To me the lock style connectors are a good feature. Great price for this cable. Wish it was about two feet longer.