Spec Wars: iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II vs. BlackBerry Bold 9900 vs. HTC Titan vs. Pre3

Now that Apple has officially announced the iPhone 4S and put its specs on the table, we can put those specs up against the other baddest phones on the planet -- the current flagship devices for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and webOS.

Each, of course, has its own unique advantages:

  • iPhone 4S is blazing fast with the elegant and powerful iOS 5 and the jaw-dropping Assistant artificial intelligence-meets voice control system.

  • Samsung Galaxy S II has a huge, incredibly bright display, ultra-thin profile, and Google's Android 2.3 Gingerbread with TouchWiz on top.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 brings touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard together in a way unseen since the best days of the Treo and combines in all the killer communication power of the BlackBerry 7 platform.

  • HTC Titan makes other big phones feel small, with a gigantic screen, the polish of Microsoft's Metro UI, and the features of the newly releases Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update.

  • Pre3 may never see the light of day, thanks to HP, but we include it here so a) we can look at the battle that might have been, and b) our webOS friends don't kick us in the shins.

It's a more competitive market than ever before so check out the phones above and let us know -- did iPhone 4S just vault Apple back to the top?

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Alex says:

The iPhone 4S is available the 12th? I thought it was the 14th? STOP CONFUSING ME RENE!!

wahoolions says:

iOS 5 is available on the 12th, the iPhone 4S on the 14th.

Flook says:

questo gioco una figata claovo !!bella anche la grafical'unica cosa che trovo triste sono le persone che continuano inevitabilmente ha lasciare commenti idioti e antipaticise una console non piace basta non venire su questo forum..ma evidentende nella vita non hanno altro da farepoveretti

Dantv says:

Well Rene, you always said that you wanted Apple to have competition for the iPhone and how do you feel now? The competition is better today than the new iPhone coming out on the 14th....Be careful what you wish for...

Dantv says:

Except it is...To make matters worse the new Nexus Prime is coming out next week and the new Nokia Windows Phone is being shown next month!

fastlane says:

Go stand outside and ask passers by if they've ever heard of a Nexus Prime.

fastlane says:

Why are people iPhone sheep to begin with? Why aren't they Nexus sheep? Why aren't they Android sheep?
Because they can't get any sheep.

Plazmic Flame says:

All of you saying the iPhone has been beat are actually RIGHT!!! Apple has NEVER been the leader in the spec wars, not with Android devices with their 3 GHz quad-core processors and all.... BUT YET, the iPhone HAS ALWAYS raped any other device out there when it comes to speed.
Get off the high horse, Android is the equivalent of a bodybuilder using roids. iOS, all natural baby....

Sam says:

No no no, it's because Nexus sheep sounds like one is ready for the next sheep inline. That's just too heartless- use then through them alway!
Ar ar ar .....

keith06t says:

Thanks for this post, this is really helpful. Do you guys plan to post a comparison between the iPhone 4 and 4S? That would be great for us debating whether or not to upgrade.

pegasusl says:

"It’s a more competitive market than ever before so check out the phones above and let us know — did iPhone 4S just vault Apple back to the top?....."

Simon Hardy says:

I love the "never" and "sniffle" comments in the table!! :o)

BamBamBoom says:

Ok people honestly..if the chart didn't have the name over the phones, no picture, or operating system listed which one would you choose from the chart...

fastlane says:

iPhone 4S. I don't buy junk.

Hmmm..... says:

such a fan boy try being realistic.

fastlane says:

So, where are the fanboys of these other devices? They don't they have any? Think about it.

Dantv says:

Samsung Galaxy S II...Apple better press on with those lawsuits...

Isai says:

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Ibeteddykgb says:

webOS guy here to say we totally would have kicked you in the shins but now we're not going to.

Thebiggun61 says:

Someone texted me a picture of the iPhone 4S upgrade...it was a sticker you placed over the 4 that read "4S". Funny! 16 months to release same phone.

Rwoody81 says:

I wouldve been all over it if the screen got bigger. Guess I'll have to pass again...

Liz says:

I'd say Galaxy S II for the performance, iPhone for the status symbol (as much as people don't admit it, that is certainly a factor)

Lovedabbm says:

Iphone for the status symbol?
Do you live in a trailer park?

Officerpolabear says:

He's talking about brand power and whether you like it or not, that logo of an apple will make you some bank.

orihme says:

No, idiot, she's saying people choose Apple products for their logo, not their specs.

Veronica says:

I just laughed at "battery: better than iphone 4"

Dantv says:

Agree, why did they even do a show?....Apple could've just posted the new iPhone 4S on their website like they do the new macs...

timberga says:

So, this whole, better battery than iPhone 4.....just slightly really.....1 hr longer talk time but the same as the iphone 4 with 3G browsing time.....last time I checked we weren't talking as much on our phones, were we?
Glad they kept the battery life "about the same" as the iPhone 4.....as they know they can't make it worse....without backlash.

tazh89 says:

stanby is much much less than the ip4...gone from 300 to 200 hours or so

claustin says:

to be fair, the upgraded things are pretty significant. I think if it had just had a bigger screen without a total redesign people would be pretty happy. There's a lot to be said for an OS that is super optimized for it's hardware that can make up for slightly slower hardware. The A5 is a screamer though and 1GB RAM will make a huge difference. Android's getting pretty good, but it still doesn't have the integration and usability the iPhone+iTunes gives. That's the main reason I love iPhone and won't go back to Android. I'm on the fence about upgrading to the 4s though.

ltieperman says:

with the itunes match, you should be able to sync any song to any device, regardless of platform. So the iPhone/iTunes integration argument is null.

Liz says:

I've heard that Apple's RAM speeds are often quite slower than they are reported to be. Hopefully not for all the people purchasing one!

Curtisclone says:

I think they are straying from creating a larger screen size because all of their apps running on the current screen size would need to be modified for a larger screen size.

Vijer says:

Really? What does iTunes do for you? Other than locking you into using iTunes to sync your phone it doesn't do crap. You can buy music at the same price or cheaper on Amazon and without censorship. iTunes as a media player sucks, the iPod interface on the iPhone sucks and both always will as Apple continues to "Think Different" not better.

taharka says:

I can't speak on whether this is enough for current iPhone 4 users, but it being on Sprint makes it the number one choice for two members of my family's 4-line plan and a "strong" possibility for a 3rd member.

racedog says:

Wow, are you kidding me? Waited for this? As it stands right now the 4s will be marginally better than the best android phone but only for a couple of weeks until the new ones are released in October. What happened here, I was prepared to move back to the iphone with this new one but I won't be now. I guess its bye-bye to iphone forever at this point.

fastlane says:

I've never been happy with the glass back. But other than that, this is a very nice upgrade (better than 3GS). I don't know what all the fuss is about. It's not Apple's fault that people brought upon their own disappointment by expecting things never promised.
I'll be upgrading as always. The third-rate, wanna-be knocks-offs above are not an option.

elnino619 says:

Samsung galaxy s2 is still the best smartphone and it beats iphone 4s in flash player nfc android rear cam thin design...

Chris says:

The specs on this thing should have been already introduced to the now cheap iPhone 4 makes no sense. 8MP camera and A5 processor. Wow that's it.

Chris Kang says:

The "sniffle" was a great touch, love it

Soup says:

iPhone 4S is definitely not a game changer... Same specs as the iPad 2, and form factor as iPhone 4!? As a first generation iPhone user, I bought the 3GS on release day and have since become entrenched into the apple ecosystem with iPhones for the whole family and an iPad 2. I was so looking forward to apple releasing something great today... I can't really see hanging on to my 3GS for another year, but I really don't want to make the switch to android or windows. I definitely don't want to spend $1000 upgrading my entire family to the.... 4S!! Huge apple FAIL

aftashock617 says:

Like my GF just wait...the release for the next iPhone might be out of cycle (earlier).

guest says:

I'll wait for the Samsung Nexus Prime.

mhmmdy123 says:

•iPhone 4S is blazing fast with the elegant and powerful iOS 5 and the jaw-dropping Assistant artificial intelligence-meets voice control system...
Nothing new to Android user SGS2 has all that, plus more... Iphone 4s it`s just old news.... And one more thing as correction THE SGS2 ON SPRINT HAS 4.52INCH SCREEN, NOT 4.3INCH.

Dantv says:

Also kicked open the door to Microsoft/Nokia.....There are strong rumors that the new Nokia WP7 Phone is simply stunning!

James Thiele says:

Siri blows away everyone else.

Jonatan Karter says:

Jaja! Siri is about all the 'new iPhone 4S' has going for it. Lame...

aftashock617 says:

Try it before bashing it...wait till October 14, 2011 then state your opinion of Siri but until then STFU about it being Lame...it might be a gimick just like Android with some of the 3D phones LG and HTC are throwing out there.

Carioca says:

Siri has been out for a while now, and hasn´t made much of a splash.

Newyork37457 says:

Like always Apple took a big shit on everyone with this bull shit phone

Nicholas Stark says:

HP Pre3 Availability: Sniffle
That is priceless.

brum says:

Pre³ has a even more elegant OS with large touchscreen and physical keyboard combined with webOS brilliantly implemented Synergy feature.
Today proved that, webOS still has STRONG legs.

iljm83 says:

Forget what the rest of you are saying. You're all chumps. The real winner here is the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Did anyone else look at the specs for that phone and simply die laughing....?

Franklin Romero says:

people, for once, can you please not make bias statements and comparison, learn to the people at AC, we have this too... and they r not trashing the tiny iphone screen. SGS2, the screen? ive got it, and everywhere i go people go like, OMG thats huge and bright, they hold it, and instantly fall in love with the look and feel of it, and how i have it set up. ive costed apple 3 users... in the first week. amazing camera, and battery life? the best!!! my phone last a good 8hrs, heavy use, WITH 4G on, everyone knows that 4G sucks battery like crazy! with 4G off, 12hrs and still 20% left did i mention its just fast and it works? oh, u cant have my widgets, and my many ways to customize my android... because u got the wrong OS. lol btw, who sells the pre3? former pre user :( seriously fan boys, this is a service release!!! what your iPhone 4 should have been. just like Microsoft with windows vista, then windows 7.

Jonatan Karter says:

It's like the Storm one and two. Lol.

cMarshallGo says:

ok throwing any pre into a spec race is kinda low, but now, too soon man too soon. :(

Jonatan Karter says:

No WAY! It's a great device, but, I feel like it's lacking.

ltieperman says:

"Once your music is in iCloud, you can stream and store it to any of your devices. Even better, all the music iTunes matches plays back from iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC DRM-free quality — even if your original copy was of lower quality." So I am assuming that since the songs can be downloaded through iTunes match to iTunes on your PC/MAC as DRM-free, you will then be able to load them to your Android Device. I have all of my DRM-free music from iTunes on my Android now, Match will allow me to load the rest.

Cjr4567 says:

people like the phone becasue of it's apps and access to the itunes store. No one gives a shit if samsung's processor is faster. Thats clearly not the reason iphone is way more popular than all the phones on the table

Educmalheiros says:

One word: APPS! Hardware is important but Apps are what makes the phones a better part of our lives or not, and the iOS ecosystem has the most innovative and good looking apps out there, which is why it is the platform of choice of the majority of the new and the best developers.

Bless says:

What people seem to miss is that Apple is making a product for EVERYONE. 16-25 yr old women (in general, no disrespect to the lady geeks out there) don't know and don't care about 70% of the specs and tech that the iPhone has "fallen behind" on. Neither do (most) consumers who don't frequent sites like these. There have been bigger, faster phones for a while, and they still don't outsell the iPhone. Why? The general public doesn't care AT ALL. Apple knows that. If other phone/OS manufacturers continue to ignore that fact, they'll continue to get beaten raw.

Lilweeds says:

Except for the screen size (which I actually prefer the smaller size) it's pretty much the top of them all. The GSII has a faster processor but with the clunky android system the iPhone will out perform it.

Thetempura says:

Just get the phone you like. Stop arguing about which is better! iPhone users will almost always say iPhone is better and Android users will almost always say Android is better.

Daniel Anonymous says:

First smart observation. That Siri thing looks pretty awesome. A phone is not just a collection of parts, or an ideology (open source, ABA - anything but Apple, etc.). It's the total package, the experience, the elegance of the design. The winner (if we must be so childish) is Apple.

Ip Haroldit says:

idk why retarded ppl wants a bigger screen? damn it! its a phone not a tablet!!!! i would hate if it comes with a bigger screen someday!!!! i hated the evo for that reason! it was a TV in the pocket!

DilBar says:

what about OS and user experience ? do they count it ?

Z Kent says:

Another fanboy post!? lmfao.
Apple isn't ahead of Samsung right now! How are they going to last ANOTHER YEAR with these specs? The processor is great, fine. That's IT! the tiny screen, OLD form factor, come on.... I'm donating my iphone 4 to my brother. I'm keeping my Samsung Galaxy S II (which costs A LOT LESS AND is just way better in my opinion :) ).

Gomes says:

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Check the reviews for the opinions of other people ;)
If you like it, please share it!!! :)

mryam says:

Hello Didier,We did not have any beta tester in France. If you are inseeettrd, please send me an email at and I would be more than happy to send you the beta applicationThanks for your interest!Bruno

kld2009 says:

Pre3 availability, "sniffle". Lol. I wanted one too.

※ TYL3R ※ says:

we'll never know the actual size battery of an apple product. ;(

Alakija Og says:

They are all good phones, i think it just depends on what the consumer wants.

Soundman says:

You don't have to have the best processor or newest cutting edge technology to have the best overall product. I've had Android and I have an iPhone 4. It has lesser specs than the Android I had, but it works WAY better. Hmm? It's all about quality parts and a well designed OS.

Jauhari says:

Why you said iPhone 4S battery better than iPhone 4? But many review has said iPhone 4 have better battery....
iPhone 4S
Processor = 800Mhz
Memory = 512MB

OhHi says:

I'm a Blackberry user. Keeps me in touch with BBM and all that other stuff but BBOS is boring, since it lack apps, speed and a lot more, so, I decided to sell my 9800 and I got a GSII. I loved that phone but it some ways, it's HORRIBLE. It overheated a lot, the music player always got bugged, keyboard wasn't that accurate, oh did I mention it overheated? It was really a problem so I sold it and got a 9810 wich I'm using now. The GSII has a lot of cons and I don't recommend it to people who may use it every single second. I just t get over the fact that it overheated a lot. Now I'm planning on getting an 4S. Anyone can tell me their experience with it? It. Be my first iPhone and I want to make sure how well it works (apps, browsing, messaging, email). You know, usual stuff.

Alfredo Jorge Santos says:

Though I tinhk iPhone is more a gadget than a phone, I´ve just bought the 4G 32gb, ´cos I was tiered of my BB. Yes, RIM does a great job on managing and compressing e-mail, spending much less trafic than anyother phone, but it just look like work, all the time, boring me to death, and the avaliable apps are realy disapointing. Other problem with my BB: allways blocking, sometimes crashing, and the 6.0 didn´t solved it at all. True that I miss my old Nokia symbian, allways working like a swiss clock and it´s still soon to try a windows phone; true that it´s hard to get 3rd parties apps to iPhone and we dont find that problem in Android.
For god sake, have you seen the size of the SG II? Don´t know if it´s better -probably it is - but I don´t need a tablet on my pocket.
The 4S sucks? I can live with that. It´s a nice toy with a great look, as all of the other apple products.

Vijer says:

I have an iPhone 3GS and my next phone will not be an iPhone, and I don't consider myself a geek. If it wasn't for jailbreaking my iPhone I would hate my phone. And of the 100,000 apps on the App Store there are very few that are not games or variations of other apps so if you boil it down there are about 20 apps on the App Store. The best apps for the iPhone are on Cydia and they fix all the mistakes/omissions of Apple.

Vijer says:

Actually HTC had one of the first smartphones, I bought it about 8 years ago and used it for a while but battery life was an issue so I went back to a standard phone. Then I really needed email and SMS on my phone and tried a phone like the BlackBerry but the screen size made it terrible to use so I tried the 3GS and loved/hated it. I loved it because it worked but hated it because of all of Apples restrictions and shortsightedness.
So while Apple may have improved the iPhone they definitively did not leap ahead of the competition. Siri is nice but not enough to make iPhone my next phone when the competition has more to offer.

andy says:

sa ako lang noh. . wa jud ko alamag anang mga gamit. . wla pud koy maingon kng unsa jud ang pinakagwapo sa ilang lima. . kay ngano?wa jud ko bisag isa sa ilaha..busa mocomment lang ko usab kng naa na koy akoa. .mao ra na ang akng maingon..you friend dadoy. . .

Margurite Duross says:

The validity of any poll comes into question when a tablet (fire) that has not been released to the public wins over an existing tablet. Talk about brand loyalty! Anyone want to purchase a bridge in N.Y.?

free ipad no offers says:

O.O Sick!! Things are NOT meant to go in that hole!!!!! lol

free ipad no offers says:

MY PENISSSS HURRRRRRRTTTTTTSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM SICK AFTER WATCHING 2girls 1cup 1 guy 1jar and this oh my lord

Dagmar Schierbrock says:

I have a similar app on my Treo. It automatically time and date stamps when it is read and has the ability to input the contact's name. I would love to see this on iPhone when I change over to one.

Tigest says:

about the imprint and evrytehing because the 16GB is available with the 3G and 3GS.If it's not jailbroken, go hold down the Home button and check if Voice Control comes up.Hope that helped . Also the box can be used too and the model number. P.S. it doesn't say 3G or 3GS on the back at all just iPhone. The person who said it says 3G on the back is wrong . he/she's probably never had an iPhone 3G or 3GS at all. The 3G and 3GS are not water resistant at all.

Mayra says:

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Mohammed says:

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