Spider-Man Unlimited webslinging onto iOS this September

Spider-Man Unlimited was the last mobile game we checked out at E3 2014. This endless runner features the friendly neighborhood webslinger we all know and love in a familiar format. Players swipe left, right, up, and down to dodge obstacles and lay the smack down on whatever baddies you happen upon. Webslinging mini-games shift perspective in a way similar to Gameloft's other popular runner, Despicable Me: Minion Rush. With one-touch controls during these sequences, you've got to time your releases so you get through certain target zones.

The real novelty here is that there are a boatload of different Spider-Men to summon from alternate dimensions. They each have their own properties which can change the way you play. You'll also bump into nefarious villains like the Sinister Six as challenging boss fights. You'll be able to run through story mode, unlimited mode, and event mode, depending on what you're feeling like.

Spider-Man Unlimited hits iOS, Android, and Windows Phone this September. Who's up for another endless runner? Did you ever give Gameloft's Iron Man runner a shot?

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Reader comments

Spider-Man Unlimited webslinging onto iOS this September


Even if Iron Man wasn't that good, at least it made kind of sense to watch him flying drunk and bust AR Drones with repulsors.

But seeing that poor Peter Parker (or some funky clones because, hey Scarlet Spider is NOT Spider-Man, not even on Halloween...) running most of the time and hitting scaffholdings that hard, like his spider-senses were on vacation, come on. This is NOT acceptable. You can't just use a famous spandex' name and design a winner game.

What next ? Professor Xavier's Brain Training ? Nick Fury's Gran Theft Auto ? Magneto's Incredible Bingo ?

Gaaaah I'm just sick of all these rippoffs.

I prefer the full console games than these endless runner types. I play endless runners but not this one.
I could see an 8th gen+ console game entitled: "Nick Fury's: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" where it is in the vein of Metal Gear's stealth, some run-'n-gun, hacking, and other stuff even involving your tablet/smartphone via app. Whether or not it would work is another matter.