Fairly split a meal tab with Billr for iPhone

Fairly split a meal tab wtih Billr for iPhone

There are a countless number of tip calculators in the App Store, but what sets Billr apart from the crowd is that it offers a way to quickly and fairly split a bill, including tax and tip. By fairly, I mean that instead of an even split, each member of the group only pays for the items that they ordered and tax and tip on just those items.

As someone who often orders inexpensive entrees and water with my meals in an effort to save money, there is nothing more annoying than when the guy who ordered lobster and 3 cocktails announces that we're just going to split the bill evenly because it's easier that way. Well, now that guy can shut up and pay his fair amount, because with Billr for iPhone, calculating everyone's share is quick and easy.

Upon launching Billr, you select how many people are in your party then move right along to entering the price of the items that each person ordered. The layout of the UI is perfect for quick entry. The bottom half of the screen remains as a keypad and the top half of the screen displays a scrollable list of tickets for 4 people at a time.

Next, you enter either the percentage or dollar values of the tax and tip and Billr instantly does the rest. It will display up to 8 tickets at a time with the exact dollar amount owed by each person. You can then pass your phone around for people to see their totals, or you can send the results via SMS or email.

The only thing that's missing is the ability to add items, like appetizers, that can be split between multiple people. It's already an awesome app, possibly the best tip calculator currently available, but if the folks at Billr add this feature, it will be the perfect tip calculator app.

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Reader comments

Fairly split a meal tab with Billr for iPhone


Is it possible to include an icon or note about an article being a paid advertisement? This app was submitted to the app store today and there's no way you could have pulled all this information together for a review without prior knowledge of the application.
The app looks very nice. I use "Separate Checks" which does the same thing. This app looks a little easier to use.

Agreed. The line between "helpful info" and paid ads is blurred to the point of being useless.
It's sad, a site can get more cred being up-front than money from a small dev on an app. My2¢

lol. I assure you this was not a paid advertisement. The developer sent me a tweet about the app, so I asked them to shoot me an email for more information. Then I played around with it, liked it, took a photo, and wrote this. That's my job.
Here's the tweet I received: http://twitter.com/BillrMe/status/172793521760243713
Oh, I did ask for and was given a promo code for the app, but that hardly qualifies as a paid advertisement. Promo codes do not guarantee reviews.

Fair enough. That said...moving forward, why not put that out there? Relieve yourselves of the doubt. I'm just that way, so thanks for replying. I'll give it a shot. I hate cheap friends that always order the most expensive meal and split evenly :)

The FTC rules require bloggers who get freebies or payments to write online product reviews to disclose the kickbacks to readers.

Hi Cris,
I assure you this is not an ad. We are three college students. Instead of a marketing budget, we have student loans! You can see our profiles at http://billr.me (scroll down).
We're happy to have reviews so positive that people think we must have paid for them ;)

I HATE splitting bills at restaurants. We go for lunch at my office all the time, and restaurants never want to split the bill. I've just been playing with this tonight and it looks like it will really work. It's so pretty!
I wish it let me use it for one person, as it could double as a tip calculator. Otherwise great!

If you have a $600.00 phone and have to fuss about splitting a bill at a restaurant, maybe you shouldn't have spent all your $ on a phone.

I'm able to afford a $600 phone because I don't spend a lot of money at restaurants, buy lots of clothes, pay for cable, have a new car, and many other luxuries that other people enjoy. I'm not neglecting bills because I bought an iPhone, but I also don't have enough money to spend on everything I want. Sorry that I'm trying to be responsible with my money.
I don't expect other people to buy me food and I shouldn't be expected to pay for theirs. Now, sometimes everyone orders items that are close in price. I'm ok splitting the bill then. It's when I order water and salad because I can't afford a full, expensive meal, but still wanted to be in the company of my friends, that I am against splitting the tab. Same goes for the days that I may splurge and get something more expensive and a few drinks -- if one of my friends ordered much less, then I make sure that they don't over pay as well.

When you order, simply say 'separate bills please' and they'll enter each order individually. Not waiting until after the bill is brought to the table ensures you won't have to pay for your pedophilic accountant's twelve rum and Cokes.®

Oh I agree that asking the waitress to do it is much easier, but some restaurants don't allow it. And I've had waiter friends tell me that it's a pain in the butt to do and I feel bad. lol.

Nice job on the review. Ignore the type a personality who ants disclaimers. Free copies or loaners are customary for journalists writing reviews. No one really thinks you can be bought for $0.99....even in. A recession!

I have to say i'm glad that I live in Australia and not needing apps like this. All prices include a standard tax and tipping is virtually unheard of in Australia. Calculator is all I need! Useful for other countries though with more complex tax and tip rules.

I've been using Bill Splitter OCR for about 2 years and it's great too. Plus it easily splits items like appetizers and desserts among the party and is designed for OCR. Take a picture of the receipt (under decent lighting - such as using another iphone to light the receipt) and the app makes an editable list of items from the receipt with prices. Simply assign the line items to each member (color coded for easy recognition). The tip can be customized for each member in case someone e hated the service and another loved it. Gives the total with tax and tip for each party. Oh and then email the PDF of the receipt you shot (from within the app) to yourself or someone else for tax filing or simple verification. Wow, after writing this I'm excited to go out and eat with friends tonight!

Ms Lofte writes, "what sets Billr apart from the crowd is that it offers a way to quickly and fairly split a bill". Nope, check out Bill Divider, or Bill Divider Free for iOS which has been around for a couple years. It does all this and goes one step further, allowing you to split an idem among a subset of guests.
Though, it's not as beautiful.
Full disclosure: I'm biased, I made it.

I tried this app too. I've been using DEADBEAT, which I love for my breakfast group and lunch at the golf course with my usual crowd but was hoping Billr would make it easy for when everyone wants to 'chip in' instead of the usual 'who pays today'; it works but I just don't want to type in all those numbers all the time.