Split My Tab for iPhone lets you split, pay for, and keep track of who owes who when eating out

Split My Tab for iPhone lets you split, pay for, and keep track of who owes who when eating out

Split My Tab for iPhone lets you split restaurant tabs several ways so you know who is responsible for what and how much of a tip you should leave. The great thing about Split My Tab is that not only can you figure out how much you owe personally, you can also track and email people who owe you money for a bill all in one place.

If you've ever been out to a restaurant with friends, it quickly becomes apparent that some people bring credit cards, others bring cash, and so on. When it comes time to pay the bill, Split My Tab can help you keep track of who owes what and how much of a tip you need to leave.

Split My Tab has three main options for calculating the check; on your own, split even, and group. On your own, just enter the amount of your bill and the items you purchased and Split My Tab tells you exactly what you owe with tax and a tip. If you choose the Quick and Even option, just enter the entire check amount and how much of a tip you want to leave and Split My Tab will tell you what amount each person should leave to split the check evenly between everyone.

The Group option in Split My Tab is the most complex option and lets you add users in your address book to a custom group. You can then delegate menu items and prices to each person. When the bill comes, just enter the tax total and how much of a tip you want to leave. From there Split My Tab does the rest and gives you totals for everyone. You can also choose rounding options for individual people for those who prefer not fiddling with change. For times when you pay for someone else, you can choose to email them what they owe you so you don't forget to do so later.

When it comes to splitting tabs, Split My Tab covers all bases whether you want quick calculations or exact breakdowns.

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iOSMicrosoftDroid says:

I have always been annoyed at people working out the finer intricacies of their bills, because it seems petty and a waste of time. If I am out with three other people for dinner, we either split four-way equally or one person takes the tab without promises of repayment in the future. There is really no need to make food, of all the things, such an insipid task.

Malfoy says:

Those 95%ers. It's a wonder how they make it through any type of social engagement w/o getting caught up in "who pays for what".

Not related but I won't need the lakehouse next weekend so feel free to use. Keys are in the usual spot. Just be sure to leave the Rover tank filled. Thanks.

DataCentre says:

Not an app I would use. Everywhere we go, we just advise the waitress/waiter that we will be splitting the bill and we get separate bills at the end of our meal.

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vegasryn says:

If only there was a calculator app that came with the iPhone

Neil Harrington says:

I find this app to be very handy. It makes splitting the bill with my friends a piece of cake (no pun intended).

Harriet Harrington says:

I find this to be a very useful app. It makes everyone in my groups comfortable to order whatever they want.
Everyone goes away happy knowing that they paid their fair share..

papi french says:

just another crap app for the i sheep.

GlowingBlue says:

>Slide up control center
>Tap calculator
>Input total + tip amount
>Divide by # of people.
>Save .99c