Spot the fakery: iPod touch 5 edition

There's fake, there's really fake, then there's fakety fake fake and while no one outside Apple can ever be certain, one look at the almost-certainly-not iPod touch 5 shots above and about all we're left to ask is how many points of fake fakery can you spot?


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Rene Ritchie

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Spot the fakery: iPod touch 5 edition


Pictures are way to blurry which means it was taken with a big foot camera. Which means it must be real!

Not a KIRF as doesn't a KIRF product mean it's a real product? It's either a hoax or an actual prototype. Why? No way some KIRF puts 128 GB of storage in the device. So it's either a hoax or a prototype. ;)
WIth the 64 GB iPhone 4 prototype, and this supposed 128 GB thingy, it's giving me hope that a 64 GB iPhone 5 is coming! Love, love, love it.

it saying its 128gb doesn't mean it is, me saying the iPad is gonna have a optional iDildo attachment doesn't make it true

Very true. However, 64 GB flash storage is finally getting affordable. We know Apple prototyped it for the iPhone 4. With iPhone 5, the timing may finally be right.

If apple was going to get rid of the home button why make it capacitive? If the mechanical button goes away why not make the device smaller?

I would start with the "capacitive" Home button. Note the extensive use of greasy hand juice all over the place to try to mask the still-obvious photoshopping out of the border around the button. You can clearly see the circle. #notmagical

Rule number one for making a fake is that it has to be something people really want, otherwise your fake story will go nowhere. At least from that angle, I'm encouraged.

What I enjoy the most are the comments on the CG article, where people are already complaining of apple's bad decision of using capacitive home button. Top fun.

Uhhhhh the iPod touch's DO have a speaker grille on the bottom left of all current models. It's an iPt, try again and while you're at it have yr moms drop u off at the mall- go to that white/glassy store w/ an apple on the front and go Encyclopedia Brown on all apple's tech that ANYONE CAN LOOK AT!!!

Wrong. The iPod touch has a speaker grille on the bottom next to the dock connecter, opposite of the headphone port.

Looks like there's no home ' button ' and the screen looks photoshopped. I thought they were trying to make the screen edge to edge

I'll bet a dollar that the home button will always be mechanical. Capacitive touch sensors would lead to frequent and very annoying mis-clicks. E.g. you're playing a game, your thumb gets too close to the capacitive home button, and boom: you're back on the home page. Unacceptable.

My Iphone4 is 16GB, and like all formatted devices a percentage is lost, in actually its only 14GB.
So 2GB is lost on 16GB, and if you equate it to 128... 16Gb should have been lost. 128 - 16 = 112GB... it clearly shows 12X GB...

I hope they never go to a capacitative home button. On all the phones and tablets I have played with that have that, I hate the interface. Unresponsive and lacking in the security I know comes with a single physical button that won't get hit accidentally.

My 32gb iPod touch goes down to 29.3gb. So really it doesnt lose 2gb per 16gb flash. That's not why it looses the memory. I'm pretty sure it's because it needs base software(like BIOS) in order to interact with iTunes to get activated, and the actual size isn't 32gb to begin with

The home 'button' has a faint crescent around the top, and the 128GB thing can be done by jailbreaking, fake about screen much.