Spotify announces new free mobile tier, Led Zeppelin and 20 new markets

As previously rumored, Spotify has today officially launched a new, free mobile listening option for its subscribers, as well as confirming an earlier report that rock legends Led Zepplin would be joining its library. At a press event in New York, Spotify has detailed the new mobile service that comes with a couple of conditions; namely ads and shuffling.

Naturally a free music streaming offering like this will offer in-stream advertisements, not unlike the free desktop offering or iTunes Radio's free tier. Also, free subscribers will be able to listen to whichever artists they desire so long as they're happy that they're shuffling through the artists catalog. Thankfully you'll be able to skip tracks you don't like, and add things you're more fond of to playlists.

The other big news is of course the arrival of Led Zeppelin. Famously missing from online music streaming services, Zeppelin only entered the iTunes Store back in 2007, and so todays news is massive for fans, and for Spotify customers. 2 albums from the catalog will be launched per day this week, starting today with Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II.

Things don't end there though, as Spotify has also announced 20 new markets for its services launching today across Europe, South and Central America.

Things continue to heat up in the streaming music space, and Spotify has once again shown its hand as being one of the biggest dogs in the yard. How does any of this fit for you? Will it convince you to sign up, or switch from your current service of choice?

Source: Spotify (Twitter)

Richard Devine

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clappenings says:

Will be checking it out later. The wife is already convinced to switch from Pandora.

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Becjr says:

Skipping unappealable so GS sounds great - as long as you're not restricted by a skip quota [iRadio].

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Becjr says:

*songs, not so GS.
[face palm]

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luqman24 says:

Screw you Spotify. It's not like we even wanted your service in Canada anyway...

asuperstarr says:

That's great for Spotify. Congratulations!

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linsiris says:

So can anyone please confirm if it is going to be available in the new markets starting from today? I just tried to sign up and says it's not available in my country and it is in the list. Also a lot of people is asking the same question here -->

Anyway, I guess it will be available anytime now, I would love to compare it (again) with my current streaming service (Rdio).

linsiris says:

Nevermind, I just checked again and now it is available and let me changed the country (to Colombia) and payment method to have a free trial. I also like that right now it has the best monthly subscription fee of all the streaming services! lets see how that goes.

zdn1042 says:

Not available in my country. I guess I'll just try it out when it gets here.

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