Spotify finally brings Browse playlist discovery feature to the iPad

Spotify brought its new playlist browsing feature – known simply as Browse – to the iPhone a little while ago, and now finally, the same can be said for the the iPad. Browse now replaces What's New in the app's sidebar, and isn't all that's new with this latest update:

New: Browse is now on iPad as well as iPhone (replacing What’s New). Find a playlist for everything. Music to eat tacos to, >anyone? New: Follow friends and artists to see their playlists and releases (soon available to all iPhone users). New: The secret/public toggle for playlists is now on iPhone as well as iPad. Improved: Smarter, more responsive searching (soon available to all iPhone users). Improved: A simpler, more streamlined sign up and login for iPhone and iPad. Improved: A shiny new look for playlists (soon available to all iPhone users). Fixed: A pesky bug when sharing to Twitter/email/SMS from iPhone. Fictitious: This app will increase your good karma.

Plenty of newness for iPad Spotify listeners to get their ears around, and you can snag the latest update at the App Store link below. A premium subscription is required to use the Spotify mobile applications.

Richard Devine

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Spotify finally brings Browse playlist discovery feature to the iPad

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I'm seeing a lot of great updates since last week. These developers sure are bringing it all out before the end of the year. I hope they all get a well deserved holiday break.

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