Spotify for iOS updates with artist tour dates, new languages and more

Spotify, one of the leading music streaming subscription services, has today pushed out an update to its application for iPhone and iPad that among other things adds tour date listings to your favorite artists. Through a recent partnership with Songkick, if an artist is touring, you'll now see that information presented in the app.

Spotify now also speaks three more languages, specifically Russian, Indonesian and Japanese, and search has been overhauled promising "instant results" and the ability to search through playlists and user profiles now. And of course, what would any update worth its salt be without a handful of bug fixes thrown in for good measure.

Coupled with its new, glitzy iOS 7 appearance, these latest additions continue to push Spotify as one of the worlds premiere music subscription services. Grab the latest version for yourselves from the App Store at the link below.

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Reader comments

Spotify for iOS updates with artist tour dates, new languages and more


Months ago Spotify said they were rolling out an up next feature like iTunes did sometime ago. I'm still waiting for that one. Not so interested in the features they have added instead of following through on what was promised previously.

I use spotify deezer and rdio... and would have to say spotify is a clear winner and good updates are frequent from spotify..
Unfortunately this update is a bit buggy on 7.0.3,
most annoying is syncing of songs to other devices (3 devices is the limit) ..
Trying to sync my playlists to the iPad air and my spare iPod Touch is very slow and stops trying after 10 or 15 tracks .. I have to restart the devices and then syncing continues, but it still keeps sticking !
I have 1200 tracks so it could take forever to download all at this rate !

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