Spotify now lets you take your entire music collection offline

Spotify now lets you take entire music collection offline

Spotify has updated their app to version 1.2, giving users the ability to take their whole Spotify music collection offline should they desire to do so. With just a single button press, you can now download every song under Your Music.

In the iPhone app, open the sidebar menu and selected Your Music, and swipe over to Songs. Under the Shuffle Play button, and above the first song on the list, you will now see Available Offline next to a switch. Press the switch to make every song in your collection available offline on your device.

Remember that depending on how much music is in your collection, as well as your download quality settings, you could be downloading several gigabytes of music onto your phone. Be mindful of how much space you have on your phone.

This app also contains fixes for a number of bugs. You can download Spotify 1.2 from the App Store now.

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Spotify now lets you take your entire music collection offline


This is great news. I like having my music available offline because you don't ever have to worry about buffering or any dead spots while you're driving.

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I don't get it. I've been a spotify premium subscriber since they launched (in the us). I've got several dozen playlists and folders of playlists, so I just offline the particular playlists I'm listening to at a given time then clear them when I'm ready to move to my next creation. What does the My Music function accomplish that I couldn't accomplish with playlists?

Also what is the difference between saved songs and playlists saved for the offline use? I mean what does "save" option mean in the previous update. Where did the star option go?
The usability of this app is what always amazed me...