Spotlight Feature Coming to iPhone? Oh Please Let it Be So!


Careful observation of one of Apple's presentation slides taken during last week's iPhone SDK event reveals a possible firmware 2.0 feature; SPOTLIGHT!In one slide depicting the Contacts list, a small search icon appears at the very top of the screen. Could this be Spotlight for iPhone? We'll see. It so, I know of many iPhone users who will dance through lawn sprinklers with glee, myself included.


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Spotlight Feature Coming to iPhone? Oh Please Let it Be So!


ok, cool. That's over nine years behind the Palm devices. Frankly a telephone/contact book search would be stellar, but what about also searching appointments? Notes? Documents-you-cannot-edit?
Also what about a phone directory lookup from within Calendar so you could also have a phone number handy with an appointment?
Still a long way to go.

Yes! I completely agree. However cool and slick the current system is, it is inefficient with large phone books. I also agree with the directory look up. Even my old Treo 650 had that. Any word on when the 2.0 update might happen? Let's keep our fingers crossed!