Sprint to discontinue the iPhone 4 in-store, will continue to sell online

Sprint to discontinue the iPhone 4 in-store, will continue to sell online

Sprint is getting ready to discontinue in-store sales of the iPhone 4 following the launch of the iPhone 5. Leaked internal documents show pricing for the iPhone 5 as well as discounted pricing for the iPhone 4S along with a note about the iPhone 4 being discontinued.

If you were planning on snatching up an iPhone 4 at your local Sprint store, you may have to order it online instead. A Sprint spokesperson confirmed to CNET that stores will no longer carry the device but customers will still be able to order it online.

"iPhone 4 will become a Web only device effective on September 21. We will certainly still be selling it,"

With the iPhone 4S starting at only $99, it will most likely sell very well across all carriers as a better priced option to the new iPhone 5. The leaked documents showed that the iPhone 4 would be removed from planograms as of September 21st. After that date you'll have to order the iPhone 4 online through Sprint. No pricing has been given but we'd assume it would replace the iPhone 3GS as the free iPhone spot as it will on other carriers. The only difference is that you'll have to sign up for service online as opposed to in the store.

Source: 9to5Mac via CNET

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Sprint to discontinue the iPhone 4 in-store, will continue to sell online


That's weird. Did any one notice towards the bottom of the document that the 4S is available still in both 32GB and 64GB but at lower contract cost? Was it like that for the iPhone 4 last year or was it just at 8GB? And is that something that's going on with all the carriers or just Sprint?

As much as I wanted an iPhone 4S and still thinking about the iPhone 5, I am still happy with my iPhone 4. Now that it has a "free" price tag on it, I would definitely recommend it to anyone that just wants to get away from a BB, Android or Windows phone. I would still take the iPhone 5 if I won it from iMore though...****Hint Hint**** ;)