Sprint announces new Framily Plan, switches on more Spark locations

Sprint announces new Framily Plan, switches on more LTE locations

Sprint has announced the Framily Plan, a aimed at non-family groups that want to share wireless service. As customers on this plan are not expected to be living under one roof, each member is billed separately for their own line. The Framily Plan includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data for $55 per month for one line of service, with the price decreasing by $5 per month for every person you add to the plan, according to Sprint:

For each additional new Sprint customer that joins the Framily group, the cost per person goes down $5 a month up to a maximum monthly discount of $30 per line. Build a group of at least seven people and everyone gets unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for $25 per month per line (pricing excludes taxes and surcharges).

Plans can be customized within the Framily group, so every line can be tailored to the individual group member's needs. For instance, for $20 more per month per line, a member could add unlimited data to their account. For those looking to sign up for a Framily Plan, they will launch this Friday, January 10, at Sprint stores, as well as third-party Sprint retailers.

In addition to announcing the Framily Plan, Sprint also said today that they have added six new markets to the launch of Spark, which can boost data speeds on Sprint's network to a possible 60Mbps. These cities are Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio as well as Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Is a Framily Plan something you would be interested in? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Sprint

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Reader comments

Sprint announces new Framily Plan, switches on more Spark locations


So if I get a total of seven people/lines to go to Sprint, we can all pay $50 for unlimited everything? Hmm.....

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The article also clearly states that once you've reached 7 members, it's $25 monthly for the UNL talk, txt, and 1GB with a $20 add on price for UNL data. Which is where they got the $45

I work for Sprint and just finished training on this yesterday. You want to get 7-10 people on the "Framily ID" to lower it to $25 (Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB of Data) a line, now for $10 ($35 a month) more you get 3GB of data, and for $20 ($45 a month) you get unlimited talk, text, and data PLUS annual upgrades. And the best part is not everyone is on the same bill, just people who use the same main Framily ID get the cheaper rate. So it makes more sense to put your ID on Facebook/Twitter or other social media, have them go to a Sprint store with that ID and have everyone get a lower rate.

If you're just one person, its $55 for one person with 1GB of data, $75 for unlimited data and annual upgrades. But it makes sense to get many people on your plan, because everyone gets their own bills. The only thing that links you is the framily ID.

If you have 7 people, all with unlimited data and agreed to divide the whole bill equally, you could do it for a little over $60 each, if my math is correct.
$55+$50+$45+$40+$35+$30+$30+7($20)=$425, divide by 7 $60.71 each.

I wouldn't do it for $20 a month with unlimited data. My parents iPhones run slower than dial up speeds on sprints network. They are envious of my wife's speeds on her old simple mobile plan (tmo mvno). They can't believe how much faster our phones are on AT&T!!!

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On top of that, my parents have to step outside their house to use their phones!!!

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I would that's a deal... And the 1 gig if data is the 25 dollar price, if you want unlimited data then add the 20 for a total of 45... And that also gets you annual upgrades as well then too...

As for the speeds... I've done speed tests all over my county now that it's all LTE and must say I'm actually impressed as Sprint hasn't been great in the past with regards to speed, I'm getting on average 15 Mbps down and 8 up, and by my house it's consistently 22 Mbps down and 10 up... I'm happy with that anytime!! More than enough for what I need...

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Too bad it's still the same awful sprint network. Good to see TMO putting pressure on other carriers, too bad Verizon and AT&T would never do this

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Interesting plan. I wish sprint allow you to talk and surf at the same time. Nice plans for those users.

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Does everyone get their own 1 Gb of data or is that shared between all the parties ?

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Not too much different than being on the family plan with Verizon. I have 5 lines and can get separate bills for each one, if I request it. It comes out to $55 and change per month for each person. There's 12GB and we use about 9GB a month and with my constant travel, my service works everywhere. The Sprint plan would be worth it for the unlimited if I could get decent service but I left Sprint early because their service was crap so its not even an option.

I was interested in this because I live in the Kansas City area and my LTE service is really good with Sprint. But, when I read the fine print about the annual upgrades, it's a no go. You have to hand over your device to upgrade each year. So, you upgrade and they set you up on some kind of monthly installment agreement for the iPhone 6 or whatever and then you want the iPhone 7, you hand over the iPhone 6 and start a new payment plan? What? Like perpetual rent-o-center for phones. I understand t-mobile does this now but what if I want to pay cash for my phone AND get unlimited data? I guess it's not the plan for me--is it?