Standing in line for iPhone 4 international launch?

TiPb international, are you getting ready to stand in line for the iPhone 4? Apple's set to launch in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland on July 30, which for some readers is only a few hours away...

Here's what you need to know:

iPhone 4 will be available from Apple Retail Stores, carrier stores, and carrier resellers (from the big boxes to the franchises). We've heard some store are opening at the stroke of midnight, others at 7am, others only at regular hours. Be sure to check with the store you're going to so you aren't surprised. (If it's in a mall, check what time the mall opens as well.)

Carrier plans, hardware upgrade pricing, and what-not is, as usual, sparse so be prepared for last minute announcements, customer service reps who haven't yet been told about them, and carrier computer systems crashing often and hard. In other words, be prepared to be patient and persistent.

iPhone 4 requires a MicroSIM, so you might want to swing by your carrier early, get one, and have it activated on your line -- if they'll let you -- now before things get hectic later.

Many countries will also have iPhone 4 available SIM-free and unlocked so if you're willing to pay the ~$650 to ~$750 unsubsidized price you can just buy one and go. Given previous years where early upgrades were $100 off for a 1 year contract extension, it's something to think about.

Let us know where you are and what the line's like, and add your photos to our forum gallery, and if you're already camping out -- good night and good luck!


Marc Edwards from Bjango in Australia, Doncaster shopping center

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Reader comments

Standing in line for iPhone 4 international launch?


I plan to go early here in Canada... When should I go?
I live in Kingston, is there anyone hear planning on camping out somewhere in Kingston?

Well I wish I could get to the mall earlier but the earliest I can do is 6:30AM. I'm just hoping since I'm buying the most expensive 32GB Unlocked there will be units left for me. There's a seperate line for the bumper? I thought it would just be handed to you with the phone since it's free. I'll probably buy a case in the store anyway.

Sitting in line on the shopping centre floor outside an Optus store here in Melbourne, Australia. VERY long queues here for the MiDNIGHT launch. I starte queueing at 10pm and it is now 1:20am. I am 45th in line and they have served about 30. MASSIVE launch here in Aus because everyone's iPhone 3G 2 year contracts are up!

lawl t-mobile in austria... i would never buy a iphone there... too expensive contracts... Orange is way cheaper. ;)

I'll be heading to one of the Toronto Apple stores around 6am. I definitely won't be first in line, but I think that's early enough; if I have to get up any earlier I will definitely not be in the mood to line up! :)

I'm in the line at Optus Perth Australia. 12.30am now. I've been here since 10pm. Serving is going very slow. Only a few people have come out so far with phones.

I couldn't post a pic in the forums. So I won't do it because of that silly rule you've put up.. 10 replys?! I could do some spamming tho.. But i won't.. I've already unboxed a iPhone 4 in Sweden :)

I will be lining up around 6:30 AM here in Toronto at the Fairview mall. Going 32GB unlocked so shouldn't have an issue getting a unit.

Store I'm heading to opens at 10. They have 5 16Gb and 5 32Gb in stock. I will be there when the door opens, but don't plan on showing up much earlier. If there is a lineup, I'll just wait until another time. No big deal.

Just called Fairview PointeClaire in MTL.
They confirm they are not opening earlier then the Apple Store so the line will be outside. OUTCH. I wonder if it'll be pure complete chaos lining up outside and running inside once the doors open :(

Good luck to you all! I did my own queue here in California
on initial release-- took 5 hours.. I queued at 6am...didn't get
it on my hands until 1259pm... Luckily and one of those that does not have any issues on the unit.

It's all a bit of a mess here in NZ. Vodafone resellers have been posting a "will not be launching" notice on their shop doors, referring customers to Apple's web site. But Apple is saying tiddly squat. Here in NZ right now (Jun 30, 7.54 am NZST) we have no idea what's going on

Im heading to the Apple Store in Fairview Mall, Toronto, Canada around 3am. Store opens at 7am. Its only 7pm now, so much time to wait!

I just walked past the main apple store in Sydney, Australia and there must have been at least 800 people queuing up the line went for blocks!

But if you attend at 5AM you get two hours of sleep and you get your phone at 7:15 AM rather than right at 7AM...

lined up for the midnight launch for Optus in Sydney, eventually got my iPhone 4 at 5am, been playing with it a bit while working (no sleep) and loving it so far

Mike, why so early? I will also be at fairview. Uhh I am not sure what I will be wearing but I may see you there. Anywhom. I called the store and they said that they had quote " a lot" of phones. I don't think 3AM is necessary.

Can someone buy the phone for me in Canada I'll pay via paypal and pay for shipping and donate a 100 for your help too! Send serious replies to my email

Bob is white stupid you are a such an ass you don't even have a clue your existence must be sad and pathetic I feel sorry for your mother.

Let me know if you still want an iPhone 4
I got one unopened and factory unlocked
Black 16gb

Sitting in line in Kingston, Ontario, Canada... Third and I got here at 3:30ish. The store opens at 9 lol

Holy crap Luke. Who is there at 3:30 for a 9am opening. I will be at my local store at 6 for a 7 opening. Mind you. There are 4 apple stores in Toronto so I figure the lines will be spread out and for the most part at the eaton centre.

yay just got iPhone 4 from Telstra World Square, Sydney...
Apparently mine was their last stock... lol

staying in line here in swiss, they got like 10 phones left and it looks like im the next who will be seved! wohuuu

the only line im standing in is the UPS store to ship my I4 out since i sold it on ebay for almost 700.00 used..good bye iphone and ur RF issues

In line in Toronto at the eaton centre and the lines are crazy. Hundreds of people. Apple employees saying stock levels are good so far!

i was waiting in line with you!!! man...crazy waiting in line since 12 am, and then people end up cutting us in line. ended up getting my iphone at 10am, instead of like 730-8!!!