Standing in line for iPhone 4S?

TiPb T-Shirts at iPhone 4 Launch

This is it TiPb Nation, the Apple equivalent of the Superbowl and your birthday all rolled into one -- new iPhone launch day! All around the world, the community is gathering at their local Apple Retail, carrier, and big box stores to line up for the iPhone 4S. It's not just about the phone, it's about the experience -- it's about being there with everyone else, talking, joking, and this year -- remembering Steve.

Whether you're showing up in black shirt and jeans, or showing up just to be there, we want to know where you are, how many people are with you, and when you get your new iPhone.

Send us your thoughts, your experiences, and your pictures. Especially your pictures. You can post them on the iPhone 4S Forum along with with rest of the TiPb nation, or tweet them to us @TiPb. If you want to hang:

  • Rene will be at Fairview in Montreal.
  • Ally will be at University Park Mall in Southbend, Indiana.
  • Leanna will be stopping by Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, Co.

Let us know where you'll be and how it's going!

[Picture from iPhone 4 launch, we'll swap it for a new one when we get it!]

Update: Marc Edwards from Bjango and Iterate tells us the Doncaster, Australia store had its biggest launch yet and the lineup was longer than the iPad 2 launch. (They still have some black units in stock though, so hurry!)

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Standing in line for iPhone 4S?


Not having to wait in line. Called my local Telus store, they had one white 64GB that they got, asked the guy to put it on hold for me and he said he would. Going in at noon to get the phone before class. So much easier. :)

anyone here standing in line at west covina att or around the area... my friend just decided to buy one n i want to know how bad the line is,,,

Wtf am I reading this is only a phone people. Not a family reunion you creeps. There must be more to life

Exactly. Updated my i4 and iPad 2 last night for my wife and can go about my day and come home and there will be a new 4s32 gb on my doorstep. Note left and waiting. I do not do the line thing anymore period. Wether it's bars , concerts, phones whatever.

In line in Marietta,Ga. About 25 people in front and 20 in back. Did first 20 people in half an hour. Fun group. Actually having a good time.

Out here in Manhattan Beach, CA in front of an AT&T shop with 7 others. Glad to see it's not as hectic as I thought.

I preordered mine from ATT but havent seen any shipment confimation so I was assuming it wasnt coming today in the mail. I called ATT lasnight to cancel and go stand in line today BUT they told me I would not qualify for the upgrade at apple because the cancelation won't have time to go through. Plus ATT has charged me twice, I have two seperate charges for $317.99 on two different dates, and I only ordered one. I called ATT back to cancel everything and go to Verison. Then talked to someone who actually knew what was going on at ATT and they said the second charge ment that it has been shipped. They are so overwhelmed they are not sending out shipping confirmations like they should. I thought for a little while I would be standing there with you guys even though I preordered. Alas I'm at work crossing my fingers.

Just get a job dude LOL You shouldnt have to sell all that stuff to get a phone... its only $199.... if you dont have a job you shouldnt be buying it in the first place.... and people wonder why the economy is in the toilet....

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