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Star Trek Into Darkness beams down three weeks early on iTunes

Star Trek Into Darkness beams down three weeks early on iTunes

If it seems like of anticipated media releases have been seeing early availability in iTunes recently, you're not wrong. Following a few early-release free streams of upcoming albums, the summer sci-fi blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness has landed in the iTunes Store three weeks before its general release elsewhere.

Available as a $19.99 HD download (or $14.99 if you feel like punishing yourself with a standard definition copy is worth the five dollar savings), we expect that the much more affordable rental option won't be available until the actual September 10th release date. Right now it looks like the Star Trek Into Darkness early release is only available to US and Canadian iTunes customers.

So set off with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy to capture the terrorist John Harrison and take down a conspiracy that's eating away at the soul of Starfleet from its very core. Into Darkness might not be the Star Trek of old, but that doesn't mean it's not an entertaining sci-fi romp replete with great action, amazing graphics, witty dialogue, and maybe a few too many tributes.

And be sure to check out the Star Trek-themed Ad-Hoc podcast episode from shortly after the theater premiere of Into Darkness where Rene, Georgia, and Derek are joined by iOS developer Guy English, Clayton Morris of Fox News, and The Verge's Bryan Bishop. Lens flares not included.

Derek Kessler

Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, Army musician, armchair pundit, and professional ranter.

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ctt1wbw says:

How has two thumbs and hasn't seen this movie yet?

-->this guy!!<--

doctrsnoop says:

I enjoyed it at the theater, but I can't say I long to see it again.

C4Rlo says:

I hope it comes with an iTunes Extra for adding J.J.Abrams lens flares to my photos!

SockRolid says:

Liked it, saw it in IMAX 3D (and man that was LOUD.) But maybe it's time for J.J. and crew to come up with some totally original ideas for the third installment. There are two potential plot threads that Into Darkness hinted at, so I'd expect those to be expanded in the next film. Can't say what they are because they'd spoil two "reveals" in the movie. If you've seen the flick, you know what I'm talking about.

urnotl33t says:

The affiliate URL doesn't work correctly. The linkmaker redirection says:

File not found."

(Yes, with the dangling double quote)


ZeroLeonheart says:


All kidding aside, I loved the movie and Ill be getting it this Friday. Also, it looks like the Lens Flare app was used to make that pic. I love that app... :D

iDisturbia says:

Thanks for the best news. Will buy it as soon as I get home ..... ooooh can't wait. LOL

mcoutts81 says:

Only US at the moment, which sucks. I'm in the UK d'oh

west3man says:

I'd rather get the physical media combo, including a digital copy - even 3 weeks later.

wtupyo says:

Its also available on Xbox video already as well FYI with smartglass extras.