Star Wars Clash of Clans clone hits App Store

A new official Star Wars game has come to the App Store called Star Wars: Commander. It's a classic base-building game similar to Clash of Clans. In Star Wars: Commander, you side with either the evil Empire or the Rebellion, and train troops, build defenses, and lead attacks against the opposing faction with your buddies. As always, there are timers on tasks and and a premium currency to speed up those tasks.

Lucasarts has been moving more progressively into mobile with a handful of casual titles, including a card game called Assault Team, a board game battler called Force Collection, and a branded version of Tiny Tower. Recently The Simpsons: Tapped Out made an update with some Clash of Clans-style gameplay, though that move was decidedly more tongue-in-cheek.

Any big Star Wars fans in the house? How many of you guys play these kind of casual city-building games?

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Simon Sage

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Star Wars Clash of Clans clone hits App Store


IAP's always make me leary, especially in games like this but as long as gameplay is fair I will give it a run. At least we are starting to see some more Star Wars and Star Trek games get to iOS. I wonder if anyone could get a Battlestar Galactica game out the door. I'd be willing to spend some coin on that! Maybe make it tower defense? Anyone? Thanks for the heads up Simon!

I want to try it, but I have too many of these on my phone, as it is. At this rate, within a year I'll be starting my day with checking 6 different game-cities and killing like 20% battery in the process.

Despite hating Jar Jar, I still upvoted this comment because it made me laugh...then cry because I remembered how awful Jar Jar is.

Article title is click-bait. Lucas Arts doesn't "clone" other games. Similar gameplay doesn't = clone.

I guess COD is a Halo clone?

I am disappoint.

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