Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic goes universal, goes on sale to celebrate

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic goes universal, goes on sale to celebrate

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been updated, and the game is now universal. KOTOR now supports the iPhone 4s and newer, along with the latest iPod touch, and in celebration, the price has been reduced 50% to $4.99 for launch week.

There are some improvements in this update. The game now has better lighting and graphics, with bloom effects now present on iOS devices with the A7 processor, while shadows have been enabled on Retina iPads and the iPhone 5s. The UI and text have been updated for iPhone and iPod touch screen. On smaller screens, you can play in widescreen mode as well. Additionally, KOTOR 1.1 contains experimental support for hardware game controllers, with full support expected to come soon.

You can grab the update from the App Store now.

Source: Business Wire

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Reader comments

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic goes universal, goes on sale to celebrate


Just wanted to confirm, not cross buy for Mac+iOS, right? Not sure if you meant Universal as in iOS and Mac, or just iPod+iPhone+iPad. I recall hearing they had an OSX version too, just wanted to check.

I meant more like, do I have to buy both the Mac and iOS version. I figured Universal was Mac+iOS, not iPad+iPhone, as most are.

Universal Binary refers to apps that run on both the iPhone and iPad. Mac apps are not differentiated other than "Mac". This game/ app is on sale at the $4.99 price on iOS and $4.99 on OS X. If you want both, you pay $10.

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So, it's saying I have to buy the game again on my iphone. I figured it would just let me download it to my phone now. That stinks.

(EDIT: never mind, it says the download is free because I won the previous version. So it's all good :)

I have to share this with all my Star Trek friends. They will be excited to hear. Thanks!

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You just made my week!
I've been loving this game for my iPad, but was really bummed out when I got my iPhone 5s and it didn't work on there. I can't wait to get home and download it.
Oh, here's a note for people who have played the game in the past. The space station is available in this version of the game. I remember it was a downloadable extra in the original Xbox version.

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Played it all the way through on my iPad mini, looking forward to doing it all again.
Light side only. That's how I roll.

Just FYI, the swoop bike racing is incredibly hard on a touchscreen device.
I managed to win at all the venues, but it took a crazy number of tries.
Not sure it's absolutely necessary to get the racing credits. Had 50K left over at the end.

This was the first PC game I ever bought and played all the way through. Loved every minute of it, and will be downloading it to the iPad Mini immediately! Woot!

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