Starbucks to add Passbook support to its app by the end of the month

tarbucks to add Passbook support to its app by the end of the month    If you have updated to iOS 6 and were hoping to find a raft of apps that used Apple’s new Passbook app then you were in for a bit of a disappointment. As ever with apps that rely on third parties to populate them, it takes time when they are first released. Thankfully, Starbucks is going to have its app updated to support passbook by the end of this month, the news comes from Starbucks official Twitter account.

Updated to iOS 6? Our Passbook update is coming at the end of this month! 00111010 00101001

Passbook is a brand new, built-in app for iOS 6 designed to serve as a one-stop repository for all the tickets, coupons, gift cards, and other vouchers provided by third-party App Store apps. There are already a few apps that support Passbook in the App Store like Cineplex, Target and Ticketmaster. Adding Starbucks to that list should give Passbook a good boost and a bit of exposure too.

Of course you don’t need to have an app to get tickets, coupons, gift cards and vouchers into Passbook. Passes are JSON files with bundles resources that can be presented to you in apps, or as links on the web or in email messages. Hopefully it won't be too much longer until we can dump all of those store loyalty cards, gift cards and paper tickets that we are forever losing.

Have you used any Passbook features yet? Do you think it is going to be an important feature of iOS 6?

Source: Starbucks

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Starbucks to add Passbook support to its app by the end of the month


wow funny, i found this out googling last night after being frustated not being able to use passport. i found the info in an apple forum i think. But my first thought was it was funny that it wasn't on imore. Then i totally dismissed it thinking, "ya know i'm probably the only fool that even cares. it's probably not that interesting to them." lol. Good news though. Cause it's probably the only think i have that will use passport for now until i travel during the holidays.

side note, interestingly i was an an at&t store and they had all kinds of passbook things like the starbucks card already working. i don't know if this is some demo software or if that's normal for iphone 5 display models as that was the first one i've seen. Side note, I got a 4s and other then LTE There's just no way i'd pay to upgrade to a 5. don't get me wrong it's nice and i like the 4 inch screen and better front camera. But those and LTE are the only reason i can see to get the phone and have a 4s already that's not enough. good but not enough. Still nice and sexy in all black.

Probably a demo... I thought Starbucks had already updated to support Passbook because of all the Passbook screenshots showing a Starbucks card!

I saw that a few of the airlines are supporting Passbook when their apps updated as iOS6 rolled out. While I fly frequently the airline I have been using is not supporting it yet, so no luck for me until Starbucks does their update.

I'm looking forward to adding my boarding passes from flights to passbook and will do so when the time comes BUT I've updated the Target app and added a card but not showing up in my Passbook. All I've been seeing online is that you have to go to add cards (which works, but I don't want to hand my gift card information over to another website). Then what's the point of Passbook? Am I missing something here? I can get the Target gift card straight from the app, but I want it in Passbook eventually. I MUST be missing something.

Classic. I was all excited to use my stupid Starbucks card with my awesome new phone.. oh, denied! False advertising. haha

Yeah I know right? It's the end of the f-ing world, isn't it? God forbid if we have to actually wait on ANYTHING! I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For you people who rode the short bus, that was sarcasm.

I was playing with it this weekend and I found a site called that works in making new stuff for the app. You can make stuff like Kroger plus cards and other things.

I think Passbook has a lot of promise, but it is disappointing so far. Even the apps that are said to work for it don't have enough "participating" locations (i.e. MLB, Fandango). I went to Walgreens and my loyalty card didn't pop up. Starbucks should have been ready to go on launch day.

Good idea, poor execution (so far).

I was surprised Saturday with passbook. I purchased my movie ticket with Fandango and it showed up in my passbook! :) But one small issue. When I went to show my ticket, they were unable to scan the bar code from inside passbook. When I loaded the ticket inside the fandango app, it scanned fine. So, i guess it needs more work.

Since the passport apps download to the iPhone, just put them all in a folder labeled cards. Seems easier, because passport does need work. There needs to be more ways to use it. What about the people that do not fly, or go to movies very often? All type of gift cards exist, it would be nice to have all your gift cards in passport. It has a lot of potential, if Apple could add the features.

I couldn't care less whether the Starbucks Passport card were available at the iOS 6 launch or later, but I did get a kick out of the smiley face emoticon in binary! 01001100 01001111 01001100 00100001 (LOL).