Starbucks app for iPhone going digital tipping, shake-to-pay

Starbucks has announced a couple of new features heading to its iPhone app in a forthcoming update. To be launched into the App Store on March 19, Starbucks will be adding a new shake-to-pay feature, as well as a way to digitally tip your baristas in the U.S.

Beginning March 19, customers using Starbucks App for iPhone in the U.S., U.K. and Canada will experience a streamlined design and easy access to their account and My Starbucks Rewards information. In addition, customers using the app will have the option to leave a tip at more than 7,000 company-operated Starbucks® stores in the U.S.

Shake-to-pay gives you quick access to your Starbucks card whenever you need it. By shaking your iPhone, your card will appear on the screen, at least saving you diving into Passbook to get it – especially useful if you're busy doing something else at the time.

Digital tipping has apparently been a much requested feature. It's a neat idea, especially since more and more of us are moving towards using our iPhones to pay for coffee in place of cash. The app also looks like it's getting a sweet new interface – check it out at the source link down below.

Grab the current version of the Starbucks app from the App Store link below, and keep an eye out for an update come March 19. What say you; digital tipping make a difference to you?

Source: Starbucks

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Starbucks app for iPhone going digital tipping, shake-to-pay


I am glad to see the digital tipping. I go through the drive thru and find myself without any cash to tip with quite often have have to drop a bigger bill in the container when I go in on the weekends

Why tip at SB? All they was did pour a cup of coffee, which is there job. They are not paid on the server minimum wage scale.

Of you don't feel like tipping, then don't. It's not a mandatory tip button or anything. But some people get exceptional service at Starbucks and would like to show their gratitude by tossing a few coins in the jar. With the rise of digital payments, and fewer and fewer people actually keeping cash on them often, why not add a digital option.

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Why tip at Starbucks? Because those baristas have to deal with cranky people who demand coffee and don't treat them like actual people half the time. I know a few of the local baristas quite well and to them having people that are willing to tip balances out having to deal with people who think all they do is pour coffee.

Does digital tipping take the social aspect out of tipping? In other words, will the staff know who tipped them?

I love Starbucks coffee. That particular app is great and every week they send a free song or app. That service is how I learned of the band Lumineers and ended up buying several of their songs. This is also my most used Passbook app. The shake feature should make it even better. As for tipping someone who just pours coffee, I have no problem tipping someone who gives good service and is pleasant to interact with. A friendly smile is something we are too frequently too busy to give. I do think they should know when they were tipped. Maybe you can just say "I left the tip on the card".

an email from starbucks about the new update warns that if you have a list of your fav drinks, you should take a screenshot as this feature will not be available in the new app.

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