Add launch preferences to with StartDial for iPhone [jailbreak]

Have a jailbroken iPhone and wish you could better control how your actual phone application behaves? StartDial, available in Cydia now, will allow you to alter what tabs your phone application will open and when.

StartDial is a simple tweak that allows you to chose the view to start with when the Phone application is launched.

Most people either want the phone application to launch their contacts, favorites, or the dial pad initially. StartDial will force your iPhone to load whatever tab you choose every single time.

In addition to setting which tab the phone app opens to initially you can also remove the Visual Voicemail tab altogether. This is one of the main reasons I love this modification. I never have to worry about anyone going through my voicemails if I let someone borrow my iPhone or I lose it. It's a useful feature for users who may keep sensitive information in their voicemail.

You can also set the phone app to automatically launch to the Recents tab if you have any missed calls. So if you see that you have 4 missed calls on your lockscreen but left the phone app on the keypad tab, it will automatically take you to the recents tab when you attempt to check your missed calls.

It's pretty simple for a jailbreak mod but packs a lot of power depending on how you choose to use it.

StarDial is already available in Cydia and will run on any iPhone running iOS 4 or higher. If you're looking for even more tweaks and utilities to install, check out our guide to the best jailbreak applications for iOS 5.

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Add launch preferences to with StartDial for iPhone [jailbreak]


I've had it installed for a few days with Recent Calls enabled, however it will only open to contacts. I've tried to adjust the settings, delete and reinstall, and nothing works. Running iOS 5.0.1 on a Verizon iPhone 4.
I WISH that "MissedRecents" was updated to support iOS 5. I loved that tweak on my 4.2.8 JB.

Thats strange, I installed it today and have had no problems so far. I'm using 5.0.1 with an iphone 4 also, however mine is at&t

Add one more 4S AT&T 5.0.1 that gets contacts i/o the recent tab. Weird some don't.