US starts to fine people for texting while walking on city streets

Certain cities in the US have started fining walkers on the streets if they are caught texting. If you have ever walked down a street while composing a short email or text message, you know how distracting it can be and how unaware you are of where you are and what is going on around you.This is leading to more and more accidents and the new system of fines is meant to make you more aware of the dangers.

Earlier this year a woman from Pennsylvania was caught on video whilst walking through a shopping center. She was so engrossed in typing out her message that she fell right into a water feature. Yes this example was quite funny however it could have been a whole lot worse.

Pennsylvania is now looking at putting an end to these sorts of incidents and is introducing a programme called “Give Respect, Get Respect”. This programme covers distracted drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Mayor Nutter denied that offenders would automatically be fined at first but did admit that violators would be reminded and warned of their surroundings and potential dangers. In Rexburgh, Idaho fines are already in place for texting while walking. Anyone found walking across a street while texting is immediately fined $50.

I think this really is a case or using your common sense but unfortunately it doesn't always work that way. Hopefully we will see future iPhones with better voice integration enabling us to talk to send text messages rather than typing. You could always just use the Email 'n Walk app which uses the iPhone’s camera to show you what is in front of you; as you type your text. This won’t save you from a fine, but may stop you falling in that fountain or in front of a fast moving vehicle!

[The Guardian]


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US starts to fine people for texting while walking on city streets


I'd like to think the author of this post for choosing a mildly attractive woman for the article picture.

I think he was referring to the one in the middle of the picture (the one who's apparently texting while walking). At least I would hope so...

the author is not from the US I believe hes from the UK and thats probably what they call the fountains in malls over tghere?

In a minute they are gonna have to stop using the term "land of the free" it will be false advertising to potential immigrants

Yay for modern journalistic integrity and fact checking. Per Fesh Unal.
Nice find Mike... how long did it take you to dig that up?

And the US continues towards being a full fledged nanny state. Damn politicians take the stuff out of my potato chips that make them taste good. They take main part of our food (corn) supply and turn it into fuel (ethanol). Can't own certain John Deere lawnmowers in Cali because of emissions. Where does it stop?

You cab go to the grocery store and purchase corn which in the U.S. has primarily been used to make high fructose corn syrup. Have you been outside and seen the obese people? They incur huge healthcare costs and slowly kill themselves; kind of what prompted changes in the nutrition content of food. But don't worry, I'm sure there's some riding lawnmower that you can use so you can simultaneously poison the air people breath and abstain from physical activity.

Can go*
Also you should go out and protest changes with your fat teebagge-, excuse me, tea party friends.

Tell me you haven't buried your head in the sand and believe:
1) only the US has fat people
2) high fructose corn syrup is any worse than the sugar it replaces

Yeah! If the government put the good stuff back in the potato chips, you could retrofit your John Deere rider mower with a simple tube on the seat, and let it run on methane. Win-Win.

People in this country break rules because punishments are a joke. Beat these people with shovels, and they'll pay attention to where they walk thereafter.

So you propose that I am beaten with a shovel because I have the wherewithal to type a short message while walking?

Thank God, people who text and walk or drive and text should be tazered in the nads. I almost got hit crossing the street by a young girl in a ford explorer, eyes down looking at her phone. It should be legal for me to kick her in the face for almost killing me.
Also I have people who walk right in front of me causing me to stop for a second because they're texting and walking, from now on I will just curse and trip them instead. Whenever I do anything on my phone while on foot, I GET OUT OF THE WAY.... and when driving I do it while stopped at a light.

That's a perfect idea for a new App! Snap a picture of the car's license plate that is about to run you over, and forward it to the cops with your GPS location. Then, your next of kin can sue the driver and get stinking rich.

We get on kids bout spelling and check facts before turning in papers for various classes how bout those of you who run site like these learn to check names of cities, just cause it in the middle no where dont mean it doesnt deserve to have its name spelled correctly. Would u spell your hometown wrong ?? NO dont think so !!!
What happened to FACT CHECKERS !!!!
Rexburg, Idaho..