State of the Apps: Pods Streamed Not Casted, Peeps Blasted, Pull My Finger's Back!

Podcaster was rejected from the App Store for duplicating the (at that point upcoming) functionality of the built in iPod app. Seems like Podstreamer (Streamcaster in the Canadian store?!), however, made it in. While the two apps might not be identical, the situation does nothing to alleviate the appearance of capricious, near-random behavior from Apple's approval department. (Thanks benstinson for the tip!)

Next up, Daring Fireball reports that a CoverFlow-esque contacts app was rejected by Apple for using the private CoverFlow API.

The problem? According to developer Landon Fuller, they didn’t use any private APIs — they created their own Cover Flow implementation using the public APIs.

Gruber rightly notes the apparent hypocrisy in Google publicly flaunting their use of private API's in the Google Mobile App, while Peeps is rejected for the mere (apparently wrongful) suspicion they're using one.

Lastly, Ars Technica says Apple has added a new category to the App Store... one that allows for Pull My Finger to make its inglorious return:

"The very kind Apple Team Member told me that they didn't want to reject it originally, but that they were sorting out how this 'genre' of apps were going to be handled," he added. "She told me they'd be lifting the restriction on them, and more apps will follow that may have been previously not allowed."

What else will this new "Entertainment" category cover? What else will it allow? Your most creative guesses welcome in the comments!

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State of the Apps: Pods Streamed Not Casted, Peeps Blasted, Pull My Finger's Back!


Just a note that the Entertainment category itself is not new. It was just described that Apple is approving a new category of apps into the store. Currently they seem to be in the Entertainment category.
One other previously rejected app or at least similar to a rejected app is this virtual cigar smoking app: .
So previously drinking apps were ok. Now you can add farting and smoking. Can't wait to see what's next... Blech.

I think a novelty category would fit this to "T". Not real "entertainment" per se, but rather just some novelty things you can do with the iPhone.

It will cover our app! IF this new category is available at the time we publish / submit our app for approval to the store then we will certainly want to go in here.
We have toned down our ambitions with our app and made it PG (but still very fun) just to make sure the reviewers are happy with our submission.
Anyway, if this category is available at the time of our submission (in a week or two) then we will "un-PG" it and place it here. Otherwise we're launching the PG version and will make an alternate "Mature" version for grown-ups later for inclusion in that category.
I can't tell you what it is yet. We're hoping you will like it though. Pending tying up lose ends and Apple review we are hoping to be in the App store by New Years day so look for us then - it will be published by SMALLMEDIUM (