State of the Mobile Nations survey: The point of the stylus

 State of the Mobile Nations survey: The point of the stylus

Steve Jobs put an end to the Newton project, in part because he hated the concept of using a stylus. The original Palm Pilot was a runaway hit -- in part because of the use of the stylus and its handwriting recognition. Now, Palm is dead and Apple is ginormous and Samsung is trying to bring the stylus back with the Galaxy Note line... So, who was right?

Just as the iPad is reaching the stratosphere in usage, the stylus is making a comeback.

We ran a quick poll and the initial results were intriguing enough we wanted to get a better sense of just what was going on across all platforms and all of our mobile communities. So here's a short survey. Does the stylus inhibit or amplify your touch screen experience? Let us know!

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State of the Mobile Nations survey: The point of the stylus


Good survey. I myself used to wonder about the purpose of a stylus for any of the existing touch screen devices. The styli for capacitive screens seem to have larger tips compared to those for resistive screens and therefore make it a bit difficult to write. Drawing on the other hand seems to be quite OK with a stylus. In any case, I love using the finger as opposed to the stylus, but I must admit there are some instances like making a quick sketch where I wished I had a stylus. It is due to that reason that I opt for the conventional pen and paper to take down notes with illustrations during meetings for instance. Would be interesting to view the results.

This is my thinking as well... quite a bit of a difference when speaking about a 3.5" screen vs. a 9.7" one. I actually feel quite silly trying to write or draw with my fingers. It has its place and conveniences, but if I'm doing anything besides the requisite tapping, (which, admittedly, isn't TOO often) I prefer the added sense of control I get by using a stylus.

I take a lot of notes on the job, and I have no desire to carry my iPad AND a paper notepad around with me to meetings and such. Nor do I care to struggle with the touch-screen keyboard to hammer out all my notes. So I use a stylus along with a note taking app to quickly jot down everything. To me that just feels like what the iPad was made for.

I use my stylus mostly for drawing/sketching, playing draw something….Rarely for actual writing because I do have a zaggfolio that my iPad lives in most of the time so the keyboard is always within reach.

I soooo badly want to use my iPad for everything but thought about changing to another just for the ability to use a stylus. For the price of an iPad, the choice of a stylus should be mine, not the manufacterers. Why couldn't we have both?

We have a number of Apple products along with some other touchscreen devices. We use a stylus from time to time on all of them.
It comes it quite handy in many situations. We feel a stylus enhances our devices.