DeepSquare Prints by Static Pixels review: Beautiful prints of your Instagram photos on eco-friendly recycled cardboard

DeepSquare Prints by Static Pixels review: Beautiful, 'green' prints of your Instagram photos on eco-friendly recycled cardboard

In today's digitally driven world, it's easy to take hundreds, even thousands of photos a month to store on our devices and share through social networks, but many of us rarely get physical prints any more. Now you can bring custom prints back into your home and workspaces with DeepSquare Prints by Static Pixels. These eco-friendly photos are printed directly onto recycled cardboard and look amazing considering they don't use high-quality photo paper (that are also ridden with toxic chemicals). Being cardboard, DeepSquare prints are also eye-catching and resemble canvas standouts.

Static Pixels allows you to turn any photo into a DeepSquare print, but if you want to print a photo you have shared to Instagram, it's as simple as logging in and choosing your photo. This can be done on your computer or directly with your iPhone.

Each DeepSquare print comes with its own sticker wall mount and a kickstand, making it easy to use them to decorate any space.

As a photographer who values high-quality prints, I am always skeptical of the color-accuracy on photos printed anywhere other than a professional printer. I'm happy to report that the colors look quite good on DeepSquare prints. They are not perfect, but considering they are printed on cardboard, the photos look rather amazing. In fact, they look a lot better than what you'd get printing on photo paper at your local department store. There's a little bit of grain in each photo and I find this really adds to the recycled, earthy feel of the cardboard.

DeepSquare prints are available in three sizes: 5x5, 10x10, and 20x20 inches. 5"x5" prints come in a bundle of four for $25, a 10"x10" print is $20, and a large 20"x20" print is $89. At those prices, DeepSquare prints are a steal.

To order, head over to on any device. If you do, let us know what you think!

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DeepSquare Prints by Static Pixels review: Beautiful prints of your Instagram photos on eco-friendly recycled cardboard


Interesting, I'd definitely have to see it in person though to base my own color judgement on it. I use to work in a photography lab that specialized in color, also one of the reasons why I've stuck to the iPhone.

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I'm impressed by the colors. They aren't quite as vibrant as a quality print, but the tones and such look pretty good. I intentionally ordered a photo with a lot of white (the flower) because it's really obvious that colors are off when white doesn't look white. The white flower SquarePrint came out great.

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There is a very similar application which I use. Capturio. I can choose different photos, edit them and Capturio ship them to me the same day (usually:-)). I wonder difference in print quality. Someone using both applications?