Stay organized this holiday travel season with Packing Pro for iPhone and iPad

If you're doing any traveling this holiday season, you may want to take a look at Packing Pro to help you stay organized and not forget to pack socks, toothpaste, or eyeliner. This iPhone and iPad app is a full-featured packing companion that has built-in lists, catalogs, great syncing options, and more.

Packing Pro includes full iCloud support to keep your devices in sync, allows you to import and export CSV files, includes over 800 items in the master catalog, and lets you customize the design with themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and textures to fit your style. Packing Pro can also automatically create packing lists for you based on the number of adults, children, days, temperature, destination, food preparation, and laundry preferences. These smart lists are a great starting point that you can edit to your exact needs.

As someone who always forgets a few items every time I travel, I can appreciate what Packing Pro has to offer and look forward to not having to make an emergency run to the store to pickup a toothbrush, a pair of flip flops, or a hairbrush. I will definitely be taking advantage oft this great packing tool the next time I travel.

Are you traveling this holiday season? Do you plan on using Packing Pro or any other similar app to help you pack and stay organized? Also, we'd love to hear where you're traveling to and any other travel tips you may have!

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Stay organized this holiday travel season with Packing Pro for iPhone and iPad