SteelSeries offers wireless game controller for iOS 7 devices

SteelSeries offers wireless game controller for iOS devices

Game peripheral maker SteelSeries on Monday announced its Stratus wireless game controller. It's available for pre-order on their web site for $99.99.

Designed to work wirelessly, the Bluetooth controller uses MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) game controller support in iOS 7 to operate. Games designed with controller support will work with the Stratus. Up to four Stratus controllers can be connected to a single device, for multiplayer games.

The controller features a directional pad, four action buttons and four shoulder buttons, dual analog sticks and a dedicated pairing button to pair the controller with your iOS device via Bluetooth. There's also an on/off switch. SteelSeries estimates the controller to last about 10 hours on a full charge, with two hours needed to top of the battery. A USB charging cable is included.

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Reader comments

SteelSeries offers wireless game controller for iOS 7 devices


This is an interesting idea to me because the idea of having a controller directly attached to an iOS device can make gaming uncomfortable as the screen itself always moves while you're clicking and moving.
The price seems about $25 too expensive for a controller in the gaming community, though.

lmao No kidding! ...But you can buy 4 of them to play multiplayer! haha Like I'm going to spend $399 on CONTROLLERS to play games on my $399 iPad!

I suppose if you have the money it's no big deal, but this guy ain't got that kinda cheddah.
It's a preferable idea to me as far as MFi controllers go but considering the maturity of the console market, I feel the MFi market is pushing to see what they can justify getting away with. When they are comparable to console controllers, I will give more consideration.

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I really like the design. I've used a few SteelSeries products, so I don't think build quality will be an issue. I also like the fact that it won't use the lightning port. I only wish there's a way to clip/attached an iPhone/iPod Touch to it.