Stephen Fry Pwns the iClones

iPhone 3G: Attack of the Blackberry Thunder iClone!

Stephen Fry, the British comedian and technology commentator who was once partner to TV's Dr. House, Hugh Laurie, recently annihilated RIM's BlackBerry Storm on Twitter, and now is back to give an even grander beat down to the mobile industry in general, a 4 star Bold review, a 1 star Storm review, and an iPhone OS 3.0 wish... er... demand list. Daring Fireball, however, points us a couple paragraphs of particular interest:

Apple have shown that there is a huge demand for exciting, innovative, lovable and imaginative consumer devices. All the rivals have to do is to … is to what? To produce cut price lookalikes or truly to pioneer and innovate? Well, the latter is what they should do, but the former is what most of them will do of course, because these dumb firms never ever learn. They are afraid to be good. They will blame stockholders, consumers, anyone but themselves.

Don’t you sometimes long to be CEO of a company like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia or Microsoft? So that you can say to your coders, your designers, your development teams and your software architects: “Not [redacted] Good Enough. I haven’t said ‘Wow’ yet. I haven’t gasped with pleasure, amusement or admiration once. Start again. Not [redacted] Good Enough.”

Can't say I'd do any different were I blessed/cursed with being such a CEO. How about you? Any advice for our iCompetitors?

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Stephen Fry Pwns the iClones


I can really imagine Jobs needing to say "WOW", especially when it came to the development of the iPhone.

Steven Fry is a genius. Take it from him, he knows what he is taking about and I couldn't have said it better. He's hit the nail on the head here, of why people will to for the iPhone and it's successors over other phones of a similar spec.