Steve Jobs Personally Approves Knocking Live Video Sharing Application

Pointy Heads Software's Knocking Live Video [Free -iTunes link] is the first official iPhone app capable of streaming live video over 3G and WiFi connections. But getting it approved for the App Store was no easy task as the app was first rejected. Then Brian Meehan, lead developer, plead his case to Mr. Steve Jobs. According to Ars Technica, Meehan sent a very convincing letter that caught the CEO's attention.

Meehan even "humbly" requested that Jobs himself review a demo of the app and reconsider it for approval. He then fired off the e-mail to Jobs at 11pm on Saturday, November 21. An Apple executive, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted Meehan at 8:30am the following Monday morning to discuss the app and its rejection. He revealed that the order to reverse the app's rejection came "directly from the top." Within three hours of the phone call, Knocking Live Video was approved for sale via the App Store.

Many other developers have had difficulties with the inconsistencies involved with the App Store review process, seeing their apps rejected. Perhaps now we will start to see Apple loosen their grip a bit more when it comes to App Store approvals. At least all the developers hope this turns out to be the case...

Truth is, having to rely on intervention by Phil Schiller or Steve Jobs to get your app i


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Steve Jobs Personally Approves Knocking Live Video Sharing Application


I was about to try this app out but I think I will wait as I don't think I have seen an app with as many 1 star and bad ratings as this one.

Having to have Steve Jobs or Phil Schiller intervene is not a scalable solution to App Store inconsistencies for developers. I joke again:
Phil, let the video app into the store. Not big deal.
Steve Jobs
Sent from my iPhone

@Rene Ritchie
Yeah, what this story along with the iPodRip story two weeks ago tells us is only one thing: El Jobso is at his throne micro managing every aspect of the company again.
But at least it shows ever so slightly Apple knows its problem and is willing to engage with iPhone developers and is trying to change.
So not as bad as Paul Graham's suggestion.

Maybe Steve Jobs used this app on the next-generation iPhone? Keeps crashing on my 3GS. Beats me why Jobs okayed it.

Keeps crashing! Never have been able to open app. I bet the backend server is getting hammered, with the press on this app.
Hope "Qik" will now be able to stream live also and it would be nice to be able get push notifications from friends streaming live.

Sick of the "3Gs" only crap. My 3G records GREAT video and streams it amazingly... When jailbroken, but I want the stability of it NOT being Jailbroken....

What a waste of time to download and write the article. It does nothing but crash! They should have thought this through before releasing it. Especially if Steve Jobs put his blessing on it...he should have tested it first.

Yeah, good job Steve - maybe your judgement has been impaired since your livertransplant ?!?! Did you test it before you released it. What a waste of effort, doesn't work, crashes all the time - but then that just about sums the Appstore up ; A load of timewasting cr@p that does not work or crashes your device :( No wonder serious developers are flocking to the 'Dark Side', well good for those of us who have unshackled :)

This actually sets a VERY bad precedent. Considering that developers such as Juicy Bits have been rejected for using "non private" API because of false positives returned by the new static analyzer tool that reviewers use to determine compliance.
This means that developers that are actually following the rules and Apples recommended "weak linking" practice are being punished and their apps rejected. While others who knowingly break the rules and use private API are being approved under special circumstances.
This is not good for developers and also for users in the long run. Juicy Bits has already abandoned support for OS versions previous to 3.1. Other developers will be forced to abandon 2.0 support for the very same reason. This has a big impact considering many iPod Touch users have not upgraded to 3.0 as it costs $10 to Apple to do so.

I record live video right now on my high res Droid QIK App.
Then when i'm done i just close it out and it continues to upload it in the background, giving me a notification when i'm done.

@elric... i dunno what you did. but my jailbroken 3gs is perfect stable. just be mindful of what your phone can and can't do. ie it can't keep open 10 applications using backgrounder and have it work perfectly. Will it keep one application open long enough for you go to check your email? or look up a quick weblink? yeah. whatever you're doing to your phone to make it unstable is your fault. It has nothing to do with the jailbroken software.
I think this is great. Clearly somebody at the top saw this as an opportunity to give the iPhone an edge over competitors. Sure it's not going to be the next video chat application for the iPhone. But it's great if you see something thats really amazing that you want to share with a friend.

Downloaded on 2 iPhones (mine and my wife's). No crashes on either but neither of us was able to connect to the other. I was thinking that maybe it was other hard core folks using the service but now I see I was wrong. If an app can't run in the OS and crashes all the time there's no way to tax the server.

@Obama The Communist:

I record live video right now on my high res Droid QIK App.

Umm... all video is recorded live.

Installed on both 3gs and 3g phones. Was able to add myself on wife's 3gs, but my 3g doesn't show her yet. When doing search nothing happens on 3g.

it's horrible. my friend and i added it to our phones and when we connect it shows about 2 seconds of video and then the app crashes for the phone sending the video. that's on a good trial, most of the time they won't connect.

Just got it for my 3GS and my friend got it on his find on both of ours and is quite cool... Just wish you could use the phone while using this app...Still awesome tho

Hey stoopid! Ur app crashes. That's why it was rejected. U look pretty dumb now.
And steve-o, U shoulda stuck with the decision ur people made. I mean that's y u pay them. U look pretty dumb now.

Hi All,
The much awaited Version 1.1 of the Knockinglive Vid app was released yesterday and is now available at the app store.
Basis the feedback shared by you, many issues that you were facing earlier have been resolved. Some of the new features include --
Improved Video Quality
Better Performance
Enhanced User Interface
Privacy Settings
Invite your friends to download
Improved Search to easily find friends
Easy Sign Up and Device Recognition
Team KnockingLive

Sweet Details I love examples of articles which have been written, and especially the comments posted! I'll come back!