Steve Jobs to get a US postage stamp in 2015

Steve Jobs to get a US postage stamp in 2015

The United States Postal Service has long issued commemorative stamps honoring events, things, and people that shaped the nation and world over the years, and next year the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will be joining those ranks. According to a document obtained by The Washington Post, Steve Jobs will be in the USPS Class of 2015 alongside the likes of (here are some iTunes links…) Jimi Hendrix, Harvey Milk, Johnny Carson, Elvis Presley (a reissue of the popular 1993 stamp), and others.

The USPS hopes the commemorative stamps will be collectibles as well (hence the re-release of the Elvis Presley stamp), though the philatelists out there are a relatively small portion of Postal Service's declining revenue. The profitable first class mail business has been decimated by email over the past decade, thanks in no small part to the contributions of Steve Jobs and Apple. It's no small feat to be so impactful that the USPS feels compelled to honor you despite the fact that the work that you've done is dismantling the core of their business.

Check out the full list of 2015 USPS stamps here, and let us know if you plan on sending any letters bearing the face of Jobs.

Source: The Washington Post

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Steve Jobs to get a US postage stamp in 2015


I send as little via USPS as most people, but buying a book of these stamps might be a good idea. :)

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No disrespect, but what did Steve Jobs have to do with email? I thought AOL was more responsible for its popularity as well as Microsoft Exchange.

Now Steve Wozniak I can get behind. The actual creator.

Side note. That is one hell of an annoying looking stamp.

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"And one more thing..."
Now you lick his -
[Shut your mouth!]

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He is an important icon if our nation..... Of course he deserves a stamp! I'd buy one of him before Obama!

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Why it's USPS spending resources planning stamps almost a year in advance? It's not that hard. It could be done in a week... Choose person-request permission-choose picture-produce. I can't believe they wanted to end Saturday mail when nonsense like this is happening

Stamp buying was a major revenue source for the USPS but when they started issuing Forever Stamps they lost that in their bid to compete with inflation because it also was costly to create all those new stamps with the new prices as often as it was happening.