Steve Jobs Keynoting at "Let's Rock"?

Personally, I believe Steve Jobs' health is his business unless and until it materially affects his ability to act as Apple's CEO, and I believe a great deal of the internet speculation has been in poor taste, to say the least. But more than anything, I believe in the rights and freedoms of other people and sites to cover things however they best believe. So, while I'll spare you my rant on how the stock market has gone from something that encouraged investment to grow companies and wealth over generations and increasingly turned it into the speculative, impatient mess that is modern hysteritrading, I will say I love me some Steve Jobs Keynotes, and it looks like we may just be getting one more for the record books tomorrow.

Daring Fireball says:

Spoiler: Jobs will be on stage, in his usual role. But he remains just as thin as he was in June. This isn’t some sort of state secret, though. Jobs is a common presence on the Apple campus. He eats in the cafeteria, he walks around between buildings. He’s not and has never been a recluse.

Gene Munster via Apple Insider says:

"While some investors are concerned that Jobs will not deliver the keynote, we have reason to believe he will," Munster said. "Therefore, we believe his health has improved since the June event, which would be a positive for the stock."

Don't rant. Control rant. Deep, rant-cleansing breath...

So, with Jobs on stage, any guesses as to the "One More thing"? The thing that will make Steve go "Boom!"

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Rene Ritchie

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Steve Jobs Keynoting at "Let's Rock"?


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