Steve Jobs replies to questions regarding AirPrint

Earlier today we told you how network air printing was rumored to be removed from iOS 4.2. According to MacRumors one of their forum members decided to shoot Steve Jobs an email to find out what is going on with regards to this issue.

The email to Jobs:

As a release-day purchaser of an iPad, I was elated when you revealed iOS 4.2 would support AirPrint. Now comes reports AirPrint support has been pulled from 4.2. Between announcements/assurances of the white iPhone, and now the pulling of AirPrint, is Apple going to lose credibility and become known for announcing "vaporware"?

Jobs' reply:

AirPrint has not been pulled. Don't believe everything you read.

However, this email exchange doesn't really clear anything up. The fact that Steve Jobs said AirPrint has not be pulled does not indicate that network shared printers is still included. This could merely mean that if you have an AirPrint capable printer such as those that HP makes that you will still be able to print from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Ultimately we will find out as soon as iOS 4.2 is released and people will either be angry or deal with it by purchasing a compatible printer if they want to print right away.

Which way are you leaning?

[ MacRumors ]

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Reader comments

Steve Jobs replies to questions regarding AirPrint


Well, if there's an OSX update that is supposed to be released this week also, wouldn't that be the proof positive that network printers are supported? My understanding is that iOS4.2 Airprint will speak to ePrint printers directly.

Perhaps there is an issue that they are tring to fix?
Also, not all questions sent to Jobs are posted in line

Well, Mac OS X 10.6.5 is finally here but I still can't print from my iOS devices running the final verion of 4.2 -- so what now…?!
First I was hoping I could print directly to my WiFi enabled HP printer, but of course that didn't work, even though I don't understand why not…!? Other 3rd party apps, including HP's own iOS app, see the printer just fine and can make use of it…
Then I was hoping for OS X 10.6.5 so it would let me print using the Mac as some kind of hub, but again it won't…! So I guess I can just forget about printing from the iPad, Apple seems pretty much unable to deliver…! :(

Geez man, people are stressing over this way too much. Just wait and see when the update goes live and see for yourself. Steve's right, don't believe everything you read.

i think it's hilarious that steve spends so much time putting out fires that start on the internet. apple secrecy creates this kind of hysteria and interest so it's a pretty win win situation.

I have been using the beta 2, beta 3, and the GM Seed of 4.2 on both my iPhone 4 and iPad, and have used AirPrint just fine, it just seems another Apple hater has started a rumor and the media have made it into a frenzied panic!
It is there, it does work perfectly well, however i am waiting for an update of the iWork Apps. It does however work fine using Safari - i printed off some PDF docs i needed.
I managed to get it working by sharing my Smasung CLN-310N via my Windows 7 system. If it asks for user and password you need to enable the guest account (a bit annoying but thats windows for you!)

"The fact that Steve Jobs said AirPrint has not be pulled does not indicate that network shared printers is still included."
are you stupid? you didnt ask steve jobs about network shared printers. you just asked him about airprint. so he ANSWERED about airprint. wtf?