UPDATED: Steve Jobs stopped from transporting Ninja stars onto private plane

Bloomberg is reporting on the claims of a Japanese tabloid magazine SPA! saying that the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, was stopped back in July by airport security at the Kansai International Airport in Japan. Jobs was reportedly trying to transport Ninja throwing stars onto his private plane before heading back to the United States from his family vacation.


blockquote>"A security scan at Kansai International Airport, near Osaka, detected the weapons inside the executive's carry-on luggage in July as he was returning home to the U.S. from a family vacation in Kyoto, the Japanese magazine reported, citing unidentified officials at the airport and the transportation ministry. Jobs said it wouldn't make sense for a person to try to hijack his own plane, according to the report. He then told officials he would never visit Japan again, the magazine reported. Apple declined to comment."

An airport spokesperson did confirm that a similar incident did take place at the end of July but would not name the persons involved. They did state that the passenger did discard the throwing stars and noted that both private and public passengers are subject to the same security measures throughout the airport.

UPDATE: Apple has responded:

“Steve did visit Japan this summer for a vacation in Kyoto, but the incidents described at the airport are pure fiction. Steve had a great time and hopes to visit Japan again soon.”

[Bloomberg, response via Digital Daily]


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excaliburca says:

I'm sorry... but everyone knows that you pack stuff like that in your check-in baggage, period, and that's depending you're even allowed to bring it into the US (they're illegal in California if my info is correct). If Steve is going to throw a hissy fit because he's not exempt from the rules of travel, then boo-hoo. A plane is a plane is a plane.

Rickg13 says:

I'm now imagining the Machete trailer with Steve Jobs instead of Danny Trejo.
"They just f***ed with the wrong Cupertino-ian". :)

Webvex says:

Bookmark this page as the dumbest post ever on TiPb.

Rene Ritchie says:

It's being covered by every major Apple site (and I'm guessing it goes mainstream), and if we hadn't posted it, you'd be complaining about that.
Strangely, I enjoy you grumpy little anonommenters :)

Stooovie says:

Why? It's just a tidbit from Jobs' personal life, there's not enough of them :)

Mrjr says:

"the claims of a Japanese tabloid magazine SPA!"

excaliburca says:

I kinda feel a little sorry for Steve, when every little blow-up is covered by the Apple press. What's next: a breaking new story if he gets the runs?
I think this story is more a comment on our fascination on celebrity and our lack of respect for someone's privacy than anything.

Rene Ritchie says:

What I don't understand is this -- if Steve Jobs had Ninja stars, how did they manage to stop them?
(In my mind, anime Steve Jobs doesn't move. The wind picks up. A leaf blows buy. All the guards crumple to the ground. Jobs glares slightly more glary, tucks away his Wushi finger, and silently boards the plane. Ninja stars gleam in the deep red dusk -- cue Kenshin music)

excaliburca says:

If he hadn't taken more than 1/2 a year for medical reasons... I could have tried to believe you on that. Even so, this is the land of anime and Godzilla we're talking about. I bet they have some super-fun-immobilizer-machine that would stop him in his tracks. :-p

tuscanidream says:

Thank you united States for making airport security ridiculous. Btw- T.F Green in RI still owes me for a ruined PowerBook and a pair of walkie talkies. I'd rather drive or take a boat.

Limegrntaln says:

I'm going to have to agree with it being stupid to give the guy a hard time. He should have just given them to someone and had them mailed to his house after this happened.

Greg iPhone user says:

It's silly but let's all go back to the nano hanging from our ear. I can just hear Rene's voice in the men's room saying hey guys guess where else the nano hangs.
I think this is news and shows steve is not god.

( ^.^)/ says:

Bigger question is what was he over in japan for (0.0)

Mrjr says:

Turns out it's fake. Not a big shocker. http://bit.ly/bPRwSq

asdda says:

Even more reason Steve Jobs is our favorite CEO. I'd invest in any company who has a CEO that carries NINJA STARS!
Game Hard!

zero credibility says:

i knew this was fake, you can just imagine the disbelief at these stories at apple. Constantly having to put out these crazy fires is a full time job.

Webvex says:

Gosh, the story is fake. I can't imagine why an unverified, and irrelevant, story like this that "everyone else is blogging about" made it past the sharp TiPb editorial controls. Bunch of parrots.

I didn't say it. says:

He's NOT a ninja? I'm disappointed...
BTW awesome TiPB crew avatars. They match perfectly haha

JDgeek says:

Typical CEO behavior. Arrogant, entitled, believing that they are above the law and everyone else. I can just imagine the Japanese airport officials just trying to follow protocol all while Jobs is throwing a hissy fit asking "do you realize who I am". Brilliant CEO no doubt, a-hole nonetheless.

Keisuke says:

The Japanese hate Jobs because he's a foreigner who succeeded against them in what they assumed only they could do right- making cell phones. At the same time, most customers desperately want an iPhone but are hesitant to change to the small carrier that has them in japan. All this said, he did what japan couldn't-- make a cell phone that didn't just appeal to engineers. And while most people want it, they badly want him to look like a stupid white man

Gene says:

re: post #9 (September 14, 2010 at 11:25 am)
"A leaf blows buy." I don't understand. What does a "leaf blows" buy?

Nana Coull says:

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